A Wedding in Valentine
By Dottie
Jun 10, 2013 - 8:21:58 PM

Heather Armstrong traveled to Colorado to be a bridesmaid for her friend Emily’s June wedding. Waiting for Emily to pick her up at the small airport, Heather caught sight of a familiar face. All she had really known of the guy was that his name was Chris. Seven months earlier, while snowbound in the Denver airport, mutual attraction and a few drinks had made her flirtatious and she had landed her in bed with this stranger. Spending two days together, they had really connected and she had left him her phone number, believing she would hear from him, but he never called. Although she had come to terms with their time spent together, she was not cut out for one night stands. She had just decided to do everything she could to avoid Chris while she was visiting Emily when she made a startling discovery…Chris is Emily’s brother. She knew that Emily had just found her biological father and stepmother, but Heather had never met Emily’s new siblings. Now if she can only convince Chris to keep their affair secret. Heather has wanted to move her catering business out of the city and Emily has been trying to get her to move to her new home of Valentine Valley, which seems to need a caterer badly.

Chris Sweet, a cowboy, recognizes Heather immediately as anger overwhelms him, remembering how she left him at the hotel months ago without a way to contact her. Now she acts as if she wishes they had never met so he pretends he has no idea who she is. He tried to find her after she left; no other woman has intrigued him the way she does. In fact, he has not even dated in the months since she left, and even his family and friends have noticed the difference in him.

At first, there is a rift between the two, but as the weekend progresses and Chris comes clean about his knowledge of their weekend together, things turn heated. Will Chris be able to convince Heather to give up her life in the city so they can have a life together?

A WEDDING IN VALENTINE, the latest novella in author Emma Cane’s VALENTINE VALLEY series, is a witty, sensual contemporary romance. The connection between Heather and Chris was very real and I enjoyed this story immensely. Since this is the first of Ms. Cane’s books I have read, I can assure you that it can be read as a standalone. But after reading it, I am eager to read the first two books in this series. The only problem with A WEDDING IN VALENTINE was that I hated to see it end. However, it is a wonderful afternoon’s escape! Filled with a range of emotions, a wedding, misunderstandings, sizzling sensuality, small town dynamics, romance and true love, this story is a delight. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of A WEDDING IN VALENTINE.

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