City Brides - A Whirlwind Engagement
By Bea Sigman
Aug 14, 2003 - 9:13:00 PM

A WHIRLWIND ENGAGEMENT is the final book in the delightful City Brides series.  With Kate, Phoebe, and Caro all married and out of the house, Bella has plenty of quiet time to reflect on her own life.  To her amazement, she realizes that the one man she truly loves is her best friend Josh.  But she knows that she can’t ruin a perfectly good friendship between them just because love factors in. 

Josh has always secretly loved Bella, but has settled for being her best friend.  So when his engagement to Aisling is broken, Josh finds himself in need of a stand-in fiancée to go on a weeklong trip to help seal a business deal.  Of course Bella has no problem pretending that she is madly in love with Josh to help him out.  The trick will be to keep Josh from finding out that she is not really pretending.  Will Josh be able to keep his true feelings hidden from Bella too?


A WHIRLWIND ENGAGEMENT is a great end to an exciting series.  It was amazing to see how our best friend can be so blind to the obvious, LOVE.  Especially when everyone else around them can see it.  For a delightful read, pick up any of the City Bride series books.  They are sure to have you laughing and shaking your head at how blind love really makes a person.

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