A Whole New Light
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 6, 2013 - 12:06:30 PM

Computer expert Ethan Savage is beyond frustrated with the platonic relationship between him and his coworker Violet Moore.  While she treats him as her best buddy, he imagines her trussed up in ropes awaiting his every command.  It grates on his Dominant nature that she appeals to him on every level but there isn’t a single submissive bone in her body.  That isn’t the only impediment though, there’s also the fact that she isn’t interested in a sexual relationship with him, and you’d think Ethan would get that through his head and move on to someone who does – only his head and heart are apparently on totally different wavelengths.

Violet’s under the impression that Ethan spends his weekends alone. Wouldn’t she be surprised to learn about his lascivious activities played out with willing submissives at his favorite dungeon.  She makes a point of including him in everything you’d normally do with friends and even goes so far as to attempt setting him up with other women.  She’s clueless about his passions or desires, but all that’s about to change.


Frustrated by Violet’s matchmaking attempts and the fact that she doesn’t really know him at all, Ethan’s determined to purge her from his system but first he has to visit the bathroom then leave her party.  With an inconsiderate couple taking up the main bathroom, Ethan opts to use the master bathroom in Violet’s room (after all, they’re such great friends) but what he discovers underneath her bed is a definite game changer.  It seems Violet has submissive tendencies she’s relegated to a box stashed away in her bedroom.  It’s time for Ethan to drop the ‘buddy’ act and entice Violet to bring her fantasies ‘out of the box’ and into reality, but will it scare her off or will Violet finally view Ethan in A WHOLE NEW LIGHT?


For many women sexual fantasies are kept hidden away in boxes, drawers, closets, or even just their imaginations so I was intrigued by the idea of suddenly having those desires not only exposed but actually come true.  Julia Devlin merges a ‘friends to lovers’ story with a BDSM story and the results are sinfully delicious.   While Violet’s kept her desires stored away in a box, Ethan’s pulled a Superman act and kept his hidden behind a computer guru façade.  Once he discovers her secret though his whole demeanor changes and Violet has no clue how to handle this unexpected change or her body’s reaction to it.  A WHOLE NEW LIGHT is a captivating read full of hot sexual fantasies that will leave you panting for more and probably more than a little envious of Ethan and Violet’s emotional and sexual journey.



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