A Wild Affair
By Rhea Palmer
Apr 1, 2010 - 7:16:06 PM

Jessica Wild is independently wealthy, and she works as an account director for a successful advertising agency. She is leery of men in general, thanks to a grandmother whose husband walked out on her years before when she took Jessica in to raise. Jessica’s mother died in a car accident, and she has no idea who her father is. When she falls in love with Max, it almost seems too good to be true! Never mind that he is the head honcho at the advertising agency where she works. Despite her lack of confidence, Jessica’s world could not be happier. A phone call from a mysterious woman throws everything out of kilter. Suddenly, Jessica is suspicious of every move Max makes; who he is talking to on the phone or which client he is taking to dinner. She wants to give Max the benefit of the doubt, but his behavior is lining up with someone who has something to hide. Jessica wants her happily-ever-after, but now she isn’t so sure she wants it with a man who may or may not be cheating on her.

Gemma Townley keeps the mood light-hearted throughout this book. Her humor helps a sticky situation become a little more bearable and brings home the realization that sometimes trust requires going out on a limb a little ways.


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