A Window to the World

Author: Susan Meissner

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

Release Date: January 1, 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Megan Diamond was a shy little girl when Jen Lovett began attending her first grade class. Something about Jen drew Megan out of her shell and they quickly became inseparable. Megan's mother was hesitant about their relationship because it changed Megan's personality so drastically. Jen's mother was very different in her philosophy on life and raising kids which didn't help to relieve her mind any either. Deciding to allow the friendship to continue under her watchful eye, Megan's mother slowly loosens her reservations and the girls spend lots of time together at each other's homes. Everything changes in the blink of an eye when one day Jen is abducted in front of Megan while they are riding bikes. Megan enters back into her shell as each day passes with no sign of Jen ever being found.

As Megan grows up, she is haunted by the memory of Jen and her abduction. Megan finds it hard to trust people and has a hard time with being touched, especially by the opposite sex, as she envisions what could have happened to her best friend when she was kidnapped. She is befriended by a co-worker named David Christopoulos who helps her see life can be happy again, if she will only let go of the past. Jen's brother Charlie also tries to help Megan let go of Jen, but she doesn't want to let go of the memory lest she forget her best friend. Will Megan learn to trust and to love anyone again, and will she allow herself to be loved?

Susan Meissner has presented us with her second novel, A WINDOW TO THE WORLD. Ms. Meissner gives us the story of one young girl's journey through childhood into adulthood while attempting to hold onto the memory of her best friend who has disappeared. We see how when something like this happens there is more than one victim, not only the kidnapped child, but those left behind also. Megan relies on her faith in God to sustain her, but the ordeal leaves her hesitant to trust anyone. When she learns of the truth behind the disappearance of Jen years later, Megan is once again faced with trust issues. Realistic characters make this novel one that could come from today's headlines, which is what inspired this book to begin with. If you enjoy Christian contemporary novels with a touch of romance, be sure to check out this wonderful novel.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sherri Myers

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