A Wish, A Kiss, A Dream
Feb 1, 2005 - 11:57:00 PM

In DJINN'S WISH, the opening volley of this rather unique paranormal anthology, Shiloh Walker introduces us to Tamric and Kat. Tamric, or Tam as he's called, is a djinn semi-confined to a mirror who grants wishes to women in exchange for a kiss. After centuries of granting wishes, Tam is highly confused as to why his newest Mistress, Kat, hasn't summoned him from the mirror to claim hers. But Kat's blind, unable to see him, and when that truth comes to his attention, Tamric is torn between his own desire for freedom and his growing love for Kat. Can Tamric's own wish be answered when Kat finally asks for her own?

Mary Wine's PAYING UP is the second tale in this book of wishes and dreams. For Christina Faulkner, returning to the real world after a kidnapping and time spent on a classified military installation is as difficult as trying to regain lost innocence, especially when you have an outstanding debt to pay with the commander of the installation - one freely given kiss. And Shane Jacobs is determined to collect- with interest.
A WISH, A KISS, A DREAM winds up with Lora Leigh's COWBOY AND THE THIEF. Angel Manning believes the family tales her mother told with all her heart. To the women of her family, the ancient torque would grant love and happiness to the owner and the warrior she gave the it to. However, Jack Riley doesn't believe in legends or dreams, he only wants it because her father was selling it and Angel fought him so over buying it. Can Jack convince Angel that it's really her he wants or will the torque's legend always come between them?

A WISH, A KISS, A DREAM is a rollicking anthology about the gifts of love from three lovely authors. Each story stands alone in its style and content. They are intense, so hot as to melt your monitor, and definitely page-turning keepers. This anthology is a gift, full of stories about the gift of love and how that gift grows with the giving. Be it the angsty torment of Ms. Walker's tale, the intense seduction of Ms. Wine's, or the wild passion of Ms. Leigh's, A WISH, A KISS, A DREAM is one book not to be missed, taking its place firmly on the keeper shelf.


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