A Woman Renewed

Author: Carol McKenzie

Publisher: Love You Divine

Release Date: October 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: E-BOOK

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When a death in the family gives Eryn the perfect opportunity to leave town, she contemplates on all the decisions she has to make in the coming few days - uppermost in her mind is filing for a divorce.


Being back in her childhood home trying to be strong for her aunt, the last person she expects to be giving her the eye is her teenage boyfriend Dillon. Dillon has never left his childhood home – he is now not only one of the leading business man in the area, but he’s also filled out in all the right places.


The chemistry is still there between them, and when he shows her what she’s been missing and what he still has to offer her – she knows she has to be direct with him and let him know of the state of her heart. Can Dillon accept Eryn on her terms or will he forever think of her as the one that got away.


Carol McKenzie, a wonderful author of interracial novels, has done it again. A WOMAN RENEWED is a journey of the wife, who’s also the other woman. Eryn has literally compromised so much of her principle in order to make a go of her marriage. This is basically her side of the story.


Dillon is the one that got away, but still waited for the girl. He is willing to not only show Eryn that two people who care about each can have a decent loving relationship, without either one compromising their principle.


A WOMAN RENEWED is a worthy addition to Ms. McKenzie growing out-pouring of interracial novels.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: jhayboy

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