Abduction of Emma

Author: Beverly Havlir

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: March, 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Luke Forrester - tall, rugged, incredibly masculine and also, a self-made millionaire who came from the wrong side of the tracks. A fact that he wouldn't allow himself to ever forget.  Emma Fairchild - beautiful, lush and classy all in one tempting package.  She is also old money who is expected to marry old money.  A fact that she has tried hard to forget.

Emma thought she would never get over the humiliation and pain of being rejected by Luke. It didn't matter that she was only 17 at the time. Being young didn't stop her heart from breaking into a million pieces. She wanted Luke; from the minute her brother Ethan brought his new friend home to meet the rest of the family. Emma never thought about the fact that he was poor, she never cared about things like that. But when she offered herself to him, and he cruelly rejected her in the most personal way, she swore that she would never allow Luke to hurt her again. In the ensuing years, Luke played over and over in his mind, the last encounter he had with Emma. He hated having to hurt her, but she was too young for what he had in mind for her. Having been burned once already by a rich girl on the make, made him far too wary to get mixed up with one again. If only he could get out of his mind how incredible she looked, how she should belong only to him. That is why he is not going to allow her to marry her boring blue blood until he is finished with her. No matter what she says.

Almost against her will, Emma can't say no to Luke, even though she knows better. She was engaged to another man after all! But one look into his dark compelling eyes made her completely defenseless against his charms, one caress and she was his to do with as he wished. Can Luke and Emma give each other their hearts without fear of getting them broken all over again? Or is the incredible physical bond they share all they have?

ABDUCTION OF EMMA is a wonderfully written novel that explores the many sides of passion and proves that love and trust can overcome any obstacle. Beverly Havlir effectively combines erotic passion, with loving emotion and creates a genuine love story.  Don't pass this one up!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Nadine St. Denis

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