By Sarah W
May 1, 2006 - 9:13:00 PM

Miriam Zorga has just been rescued by firefighter Nick Martin. Out of gratitude, and a certain burning lust, Miri asks Nick out for dinner. He accepts, though Miri almost immediately regrets the impulse. Miri has no intention of opening her heart to any man, let alone a man who actually makes her pulse and burn with lust. But when Nick proposes a casual fling, no commitments attached, Miri agrees.

Though Nick initially suggested a fling, he's coming to regret that phrase. The more time he spends with Miri, the more he wants to be with her and get to know her. He's falling in love and he can only hope that it is reciprocated. Will Miri be able to open her heart to the firefighter who rescued her from more than just a fiery death, but from a lonely life without love?


Kit Tunstall keeps the heat burning and the passion raw and scorching in her latest tale, ABLAZE. Miri and Nick's instant attraction provides the impetus needed to turn this story into an engaging and reflective romance. Miri proves to be a difficult heroine to get to know because she's so afraid to open her life to risks and chance. However, the changes Nick brings about in her are natural and uplifting. I felt Ms. Tunstall did a good job of showing this relationship change from a fling to something more, and an equally strong job of creating Nick and Miri as individuals who eventually come to form a unique and lovely couple bond, as much as Miri would like to resist that bond. ABLAZE easily captured my attention and had me riveted to the pages as Miri and Nick experienced a strong and stirring love.

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