About Last Night
By Rahab M
Jul 14, 2012 - 12:13:29 PM

Can a bad girl reform and be a good girl forever leaving that persona behind? Mary Catherine “Cath” Talarico believes so. She is determined to start over and she even relocates from Chicago and moves to London. She manages to steer clear of trouble for two years but well trouble seems to find her in the form of one hot English man Neville “Nev” Chamberlain. A single night ends up setting in motion a series of events that changes the lives of this bad girl and this good boy forever.

Nev is a drool over lovable hero. Right from the beginning of the story he is all charm. He comes from a wealthy English family who are in the banking business and he is the second son. Naturally, everybody expects him to follow family tradition and work in the family business. He however, would rather be doing something that he so much enjoys doing-painting. But loving it or not, he ends up in the business.

Cath is a heroine with a troubled past. She has been through one misfortune after another. Seems like she was at the receiving end of every catastrophe life could throw at her. She is deeply scarred on the inside as well as the outside in the form of tattoos that represent all the mistakes she has done and sworn to never repeat. She has succeeded in being the reformed, or the so called “good girl”, for two years now.  She is a hardworking, strong and independent young woman determined to stay away from the bad boys she always seems to fall for. She is living a simple life which mainly consists of a train ride to and from work. While waiting for the train, she gets to meet, or rather observe, all sorts of people. This is where she first gets a glimpse of Nev and decides to name him “City”. She is also an overly cautious woman but even though they never talk to one another, they are both very much aware of the other.

The relationship between Nev and Cath begin sort of like a one night stand but it grows into something so much more. Their attraction to one another happens fast and they both fall hard. They have a passionate, steamy relationship right from the start that leaves them satisfied but they are both aware that something is missing. Nev gets to this conclusion first and is determined to fix it though Cath is not very cooperative. He is not deterred and simply bids his time. I loved the fact that Nev was very patient with Cath. He gave her space and time for her to work through her emotions and come to terms with her feelings and hoped that she would eventually acknowledge them. He manages to be persistent but not overbearing.

Cath is reluctant to be in a relationship with another man for fear of being heartbroken given her track record with men. However as always with matters of the heart she has no control over whom she falls in love with but she is determined not to be with Mr. Nice guy because surely nothing “nice” can come out of it.

Ruthie Knox is a relatively new author, About Last Night is only her second novel. However, do not let this fact faze you because she is a really good romance author! Her writing seems to be getting better because while her first book RIDE WITH ME was good, ABOUT LAST NIGHT is amazing!

ABOUT LAST NIGHT is a book that will tug at your heartstrings, and make you feel all kinds of giddy emotions by the time you get to the end. Ruthie Knox does such an excellent job of presenting all the characters in this book. Each and every one of them flawed in their own way. Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but root for a HEA for Cath and Nev and oh! do they get one! The story of these two different souls is so wonderfully portrayed that it left me happy, content and even speechless.

This is one of the best books that I have read this year and it is one that I will highly recommend to all romance novels lovers out there.

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