Absolute Pleasure

Author: Jamie Denton

Publisher: Harlequin Blaze

Release Date: July 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Duncan Chamberlain resigned from the FBI under a cloud. His last mission went horribly wrong, both he and the FBI placed the blame at his door. Now the owner of Chamberlain Recovery and Investigations, an insurance agency specializing in recovering stolen property, Duncan needs to get involved in The Seducer case to bring his agency back into the black. Walking onto the crime scene and meeting Sunny, who is the sexiest lady he's seen in too long, has his attention dangerously divided. He can't afford, literally, to botch this case. The retrieval of the half a million dollars worth of jewelry is critical to survival of his agency and to taking care of his younger brother and the employees who are dependent on him. His hormones, however, are telling him that getting closer to Sunny will accomplish a two-fold goal; saving his agency and winning the woman, he can't seem to resist.

After meeting Duncan on site of her investigation Sunny is sure of two things; one, he is trouble with a capital "T" and two, she is going to use the information that he has dangled in front of her. The first man in too many years to hold her attention for more than a few seconds, she tells herself again and again his attraction will fade, but Duncan surprises her with an in-depth knowledge of her case and a innate skill to slip past her guard and into her heart. When she finds out he's ex-FBI and he is guilty of withholding information from her, she realizes even with his sin of omission she can't halt the feelings that she has for him.

ABSOLUTE PLEASURES is a well paced story blending a FBI investigative team ably lead by the ambitious Sunny, the struggles of an ex-FBI agent turned business man and the case of a con-man that both are determined to catch. Ms. Denton does an excellent job of building the sensual tension between Sunny and Duncan subtly adding in the secondary characters that add humor and keep the story focused on catching the bad guy. The underlying goals and secrets keep the reader interested through the twists and turns to the final surprise at the end. I really enjoyed ABSOLUTE PLEASURES I'd wanted to read Ms. Denton for a long time I had heard good things about her stories, everything I'd been told is true.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Brenda Edde

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