Absolutely Not
By Jenn L
Feb 11, 2008 - 3:59:51 PM

Maisy has dieted and curbed her chocolate cravings in order to show her ex that she is no longer the broken and emotionally traumatized woman she was while she was married to him. His cheating ways and hurtful words fueled her desire to be become the slim and sexy woman she is today. Her revenge would have been complete when he saw the transformation for himself, but leave it to him to throw a wrench in her plans by dying while screwing around behind his new wife's back.

Screwing up her courage, Maisy decides that she will still get some satisfaction by attending his funeral in a show stopping red dress and paying her last disrespects as only a scorned woman can. She never expects that her moment of glory will bring her face to face with the sexiest man she has ever seen.


Keller can't deny that the woman at his brother-in-laws funeral is gorgeous and that his desire for her is not something he's willing to refuse. A funeral may not be the best place to ask out a woman, but he is a man of action and he always goes after what he wants.


The sparks fly, and when Keller's relationship to her ex is revealed, Maisy realizes just like her beloved chocolate, Keller is off limits. But Maisy's meddling boss and best friend have other plans in mind. Maisy may be saying "absolutely not," but fate is saying "Yes!"


Daisy Dexter Dobbs does it again! Her incredible humor and her realistic heroine take center stage in this tale of revenge gone wrong. Maisy is like every woman-she battles the same cravings and hang-ups that all women face. Just like many women today, she is not model thin, yet she embraces her size and owns her sexuality completely. She is truly a romance heroine for the masses.


Coupled with a sexy hero, her over flamboyant gay boss, best friend, and her ex's cruel and skinny new wife, ABSOLUTELY NOT is hilarious from start to finish. Full of her trademark witty dialogue and madcap situations, Daisy Dexter Dobbs has managed to pen another novel that will have you laughing out loud.


ABSOULTELY NOT is a definite keeper and once again cements Ms. Dobbs as a true genius when it comes to the romantic comedy genre.

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