Accept This Dandelion
By Dottie
Feb 9, 2015 - 7:56:23 PM

Radio announcer Renee Lockhart wants the promotion to an earlier time slot on the morning talk show which has recently been vacated. But her name is not that well known. So when her friend and co-worker signs Renee up for a televised dating game, a local version of The Bachelor, she reluctantly agrees. Blundering through her audition, Renee is surprised that she is selected, along with eleven other women, to vie for the hand of the well-known bachelor. When Renee discovers the identity of the bachelor, she considers bowing out of the show anyway, familiar with his reputation as a womanizer. But this is a way she can raise her public profile and perhaps win the job she desires. She also wants to find love, but it isn't her main goal for being on the show.

Ben McConnell is well known in the city, possessing a reputation as the black sheep in the McConnell family. His father was disappointed when Ben threw away all the training his father had given him for the family business. But instead of following in his father's footsteps, Ben created successes in his own business. Additionally, his father wants him to have a family life, but this is something that Ben also wants. He hopes that the new show will help him with this. At least, it should help him improve his reputation in the community and restore some of his father's respect for him.

Ben has no trouble finding dates, but he finds many of them to be superficial, interested only in his money and what he can do for them. His ideal woman will be beautiful on the outside, although she will be unaware of it, as well as on the inside. She also needs to be a person in her own right and able to stand up for herself. Ben is sure he will know her when he sees her. His one stipulation to the producers of the television show gives him input into the selection of the female contestants. Ben is fascinated by Renee's audition and insists that she be included. Her comments about her favorite flower, the dandelion, lead to his demand that the name of the show be changed to Accept This Dandelion.

From Renee's first appearance on the show, things seem to go wrong. But the mishaps seem to endear her to viewers as her individuality and vulnerability come to light. She fascinates Ben and he can't wait to get to know her better, even as she begins to fall under his spell. But Ben despises dishonesty and women with ulterior motives and makes sure to rid the program of these women first. So, as Renee falls deeper in love with Ben, she can't avoid worrying that she will lose him anyway when he discovers her own motives for auditioning for the show. Will he forgive her, or will she lose the man she loves?

A fun story, ACCEPT THIS DANDELION, penned by author Brooke Williams, is an endearing, humorous take on the BACHELOR television series. This delightful contemporary romance will keep readers turning the pages to discover the outcome and curious about what mishap is next. It is a sweet romance, devoid of all the explicit sexual scenes prevalent in so many of today's novels. Still, Ben and Renee are a wonderful match and I couldn't help rooting for them.

With loads of humor, interesting characters, mishaps, backstabbing, behind the scenes activities and love, this story is a delicious escape from the problems of day-to-day life. This is the first of Ms. Williams' works that I have read and I enjoyed it immensely. Why not pick up a copy of ACCEPT THIS DANDELION today and discover the world of author Brooke Williams for yourself?

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