Accidental Foursome
By Connie Spears
Dec 19, 2006 - 12:52:00 PM

The store clerk was asking him a question about which shape he wanted. But George Kokoris’ mind was on something very delectable at the moment, the store clerk’s shapely bottom. As she climbed down off the ladder, he continued to stare and answered her at the same time. She turned around, caught him staring, and turned a lovely shade of pink. She shoved the box of chocolates at him. She asked him will he need anything else. George’s mind continued to run away with all sorts of naughty thoughts. He asked her out for dinner. She turned him down and told him she didn’t know him. So he summed up his life story in one breath. She stilled turned him down again, because he was shaped like a god and she was shaped like a roly-poly. George thought that was ludicrous. They continued to argue between themselves. Frustration got the better of them, Helena She called out to him. Helena went to the backroom. agreed to go to dinner with him. George was stunned. He left.

Helena could not believe she agreed to go. What was she thinking? She started listing all of his qualities and wanted to know if he needed his head examined. Helena took a long look at her self and wanted to know what he saw. She continued to get dress, thought of George in the process and gave herself a lecture of do’s and don’ts.

George arrived at the prescribed time eight sharp.

ACCIDENTAL FOURSOME by Daisy Dexter Dobbs is a continuation of her first book, POLLY’S PERILOUS PLEASURES. Ms. Dobbs has outdone herself by joining the stories together. The reader will experience some impure naughty thoughts and some action might be improvised while reading this book. Don’t walk to the shower, but run! This is a must read for everyone. Oh yes I almost forgot the most important ingredient—solid or in creamy liquid form—Chocolate. This will be very useful while reading the story.

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