Accidental Lover

Author: Eileen Ann Brennan

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Release Date: July 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Alexandra O’Malley had a bad day at work. She was a claims officer. She never expected that bad luck would follow her home. As she was walking across a pedestrian crossing, she is ran over by a corporate lawyer, Logan Jeffries. She wakes up in the hospital with a broken arm and bruised body. The doctors think she has amnesia but she remembers everything except the man claiming to be her fiancé. When she is released several days later, a man she doesn’t know takes her home and she finds out that the man is not her fiancé. He is Logan, the man who hit her with his car and has landed her in the current uncomfortable position. She is determined to never see him again but he will not leave her alone. Alex is confused and is increasingly frustrated. He keeps sending her flowers in crystal vases. He barges into her home uninvited and he visits her office and causes a scene. Alex thinks all men are scum who cannot be trusted due to past experiences but she decides to go along with what ever Logan wants.  She is attracted to him anyway so why not? Can Logan be trusted? Will he betray her like all the other men have done?

Logan was stunned that he ran a woman over. He remembered that he was late for a meeting and he left the garage too fast and hit her. He missed the meeting but a woman’s life hangs in the balance. Would she sue him? He had to think fast. He decides to pretend to be her fiancé so he can be kept up to date on her condition and to keep from being sued. When Alex found out about his deception, boy was she mad. Logan remembers seeing the woman from time to time in the office building he worked at and had admired her from a distance. His past experiences have told him that all women are liars and cheats who only want his bank account. He had been taken so many times by women that he wasn’t going to let it happen again. Logan takes a coworker’s suggestion and romances Alex to try and get her to sign an agreement not to sue him. As time goes by, Logan finds that he really cares for Alex and wants her in his bed. Will past experiences stop him from finding true love? Is it love or lust that is driving Logan?


THE ACCIDENTAL LOVER is a story of two people who each struggle with previous bad experiences of love. Eileen Ann Brennan has written a great book of two people who met by accident and that begin to fall in love but are afraid of being hurt by the other. Logan is scared of being sued by Alex, after he hits her with his car. He decides to romance her but the tables turn on him as he finds himself falling in love. The sex scenes are hot and steamy.  They have sex in places that are not in the bedroom. Alex must try to overcome her fear of being hurt if she wants Logan and Logan has to get past his fears of being taken by another woman. This story is fun and will keep you reading until the very end. You will be left wanting more of Ms. Brennan’s books to read.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Terri

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