Accidental SEAL
By Chris Mead
Jun 7, 2014 - 8:00:00 AM

I was thrilled to be offered the chance to review ACCIDENTAL SEAL in audio-book form.  Those who enjoy listening to a hot steamy romance that is also packed with lots of action, will be certain to be captivated by Sharon Hamilton’s sensual writing style!  I quickly fell in love with J.D. Hart’s voice and was transported into several hours of pure listening pleasure!

Eager to get started in her new real-estate career, Christy Nelson agrees to take on a co-worker’s open house.  When Christy arrives at the home, a naked man, who thinks she is breaking in, greets her.

Kyle Lansdowne is shocked when he opens his eyes from his meditation to find an unfamiliar woman standing in his missing friend’s house.  Thinking that Christy is there to harm him, Kyle jumps up to defend himself. After a struggle, which results in Christy being restrained, Kyle learns that Christy means him no harm.

When Christy gets free from Kyle, she makes a hasty retreat, leaving her for sale signs behind.  Feeling guilty for restraining Christy, Kyle decides to look her up at her place of business to make amends. The attraction between Kyle and Christy is immediately apparent.  After a lunch date in which things quickly heat up between the two, Kyle and Christy end up in bed together.

While the sex between Kyle and Christy is off the charts, Kyle is reluctant to start a relationship with anyone.  He does not want to drag Christy into a dangerous search for his missing comrade. Can Christy convince Kyle that she is the woman for him?  With danger around every corner, will Kyle be able to keep Christy safe?

Kyle comes across as a hard man at first, who refuses to let anyone break his heart. I found his character very endearing in the way that he was so protective of Christy.  Kyle becomes a real knight-in-shining-armor when Christy is kidnapped because he fights off gang members in order to save her life.

Christy is a no-nonsense character who is strong and resilient, even though it breaks her heart when Kyle refuses to let her into his life.  I loved it when Kyle finally came to his senses and realized that Christy was the woman for him.

ACCIDENTAL SEAL is a scorching hot romance that is filled with suspense and adventure. Author Sharon Hamilton writes adrenaline-pumping action that is hard to stop listening to. Narrator J.D. Hart does a spectacular job with the many voices of the different characters. If you are craving an amazing audio book to escape with, then you will want to try ACCIDENTAL SEAL!

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