Accidentally Engaged
By Ann
Mar 5, 2007 - 6:26:00 PM

Clair Ivars is a psychic.  She learned from her grandmother and believes that people's fortunes can be read from Tarot cards.  When she meets Rachel, a jittery bride-to-be, at a local fair, she didn't realize that her own life would change forever.  When Rachel threatens to kill herself at the altar, Clair decides to give her a false reading even though she knows it is wrong.   Rachel eventually takes off, leaving her three-carat engagement ring on the table.  Feeling partially responsible, Claire heads off to break the news to the groom.  When she finally meets him, she sees an extremely attractive man who seems perfect for her.  Can she bring these two lovebirds back together or does she want him for herself?

ACCIDENTALLY ENGAGED is a story of luck and circumstance.  Clair is a free spirit who isn't afraid to speak her mind regardless if it hurts.  She doesn't realize how her words affect people's lives until it's too late.  I think she learns that the future can be altered and that sometimes things can happen when you least expect it.  The romance is a little forced between Clair and her hero but there is enough chemistry between them to see the potential for the future.  I wish some of the characters like Mike and Anderson were more developed but I would not change Elizabeth one bit.  She is the spark and dynamite that really moves the plot along.  ACCIDENTALLY ENGAGED is a funny and fast-paced book that will have you racing to see how the story will end.

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