Accidently Yours
By dana
Oct 1, 2007 - 10:51:22 AM

Kerri Sullivan is a woman who is no stranger to hard work and heartbreak. She is now facing the biggest and most painful situation of her life - the impending death of her son, Cody. He has a rare and painful condition. Kerri has always had a strong, optimistic attitude toward the survival of her son. However, the time has come for the disease to enter it’s later stages. There is absolutely nothing Kerri would not do to save her son.



Kerri reads about a ground breaking research on the disease done by Dr. Abram Wallace. So, she packs up everything and moves to Songwood to be near the research. Unfortunately, Dr. Wallace has given up researching the disease and became a recluse due to a horrific accident which killed several fellow research assistants. Kerri is not going to let Dr. Wallace’s reluctance slow her down.

Kerri must find approximately fifteen million dollars to fund the research. Unfortunately, being a hairdresser does not yield that kind of money. She has a friend who can get her about ten minutes with Nathan King, the local multimillionaire. By acting as a waitress in an upscale restaurant, she attempts to persuade Mr. King to give her the money. Mr. King is not in the listening mood. True to her witty and stubborn nature, Kerri is not about to let some rich guy stand in her way. So, she simply decides to use blackmail.

Nathan King definitely has no time to be bothered with the likes of Ms. Kerri Sullivan, even if his own son died a few years ago from Gilliar’s Disease. That painful part of his life is over and he needs no reminders of how helpless it felt to watch his child die. After he turns Kerri down, he expects that to be the end of it - until he opens the newspaper. Much to his surprise, he reads that he has given fifteen million dollars to the research facility. Outraged, he confronts Kerri. To avoid unfavorable publicity, he goes along with her plan, but he makes a few demands of his own. He intends to remain unemotional toward the feisty hairdresser and her son while making Kerri fulfill social obligations as his date to improve his image in the community. But before he knows it, he finds himself wanting to give Kerri more than just money.

Susan Mallery’s is an excellent author in the romance genre. I have read several of her books and absolutely loved them. ACCIDENTLY YOURS is another success for this talented author, and I definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys romance. The characters in the book are very realistic. They have had numerous hardships in the past, and it is great to see them deal with the emotional scars that were left behind and attempt to find well deserved love and happiness.





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