Accidents Happen
By Deborah Kimpton
Oct 2, 2006 - 1:22:00 PM

When Marti Rosquete left the vice squad, she thought that her life might slow down. What she did not count on was her best friend and investigative reporter, Jen, involving her in the greatest puzzle of her life. When Jen dies, Marti is left to pick up the pieces and solve her friend’s last case. When the two men in Marti’s life seem to be involved in the mystery, it is for her to decide if accidents just happen or if someone makes them happen.

Marti and vice squad member Eddie enjoy a comfortable on-and-off-again relationship. As close neighbors, they often share more than just morning coffee and late night pizza. But, what is Marti to think when Eddie starts to flash cash and keep strange hours? Jorge is Marti’s eyes and ears in the underworld; he is strong and very dependable. Marti wants to know if it will be possible for a girl to mix a little pleasure with her business.


ACCIDENTS HAPPEN is a great introduction to the work of Ms. de A’mor. She is an author who loves to write about spirited heroines who have a definite sensual side. Marti’s character certainly fits these criteria. She is a woman who is not afraid of a challenge in or out of the bedroom. As well as having a mystery to solve, Marti also has to contend with her regimented mother and rebellious sister. These scenarios lend themselves well as vehicles for the author’s stylish sense of humour and insight into human behavior.


This story concentrates more on the mystery than the romance, but it is never the less well written and an enjoyable read. Marti is a great character who just like her story displays a sassy attitude peppered with a rye sense of humour. So, if you were thinking of dipping your toe into the waters of Ms. de A’mor’s stories, I would definitely recommend ACCIDENTS HAPPEN. For those of you already familiar with this author, this book is a “must add” to your collection.   

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