Acts of Faith (Cost of Repairs)
By Gayle
Oct 24, 2013 - 8:02:14 PM

Rey and Sam have a good life together and Rey’s catering business is so busy he needs a business partner. The only thing missing is his daughter, Faith,
whom he hasn’t seen since she was an infant. That changes with the unexpected death of his ex-mother-in-law. Suddenly, it seems his dream is about to come true—getting custody of seven-year-old Faith is within his grasp.

Samuel is crazy about Rey and life together is good, even if they have an occasional rough spot. With the addition of Rey’s flirty new partner and an adorable little girl, their relationship faces hurdles Sam never imagined. As the problems, misunderstandings and hurt feelings continue, Sam wonders if he and Rey can survive what should bring them the most happiness.

ACTS OF FAITH is the newest release in A.M. Arthur’s series, COSTS OF REPAIRS. I recommend that you at least read COST OF REPAIRS, the first book in the series, where Rey and Sam get together.

I really enjoyed this book.  Getting the opportunity to re-visit the lives of two familiar characters isn’t something a reader often gets to do. So this second chance at seeing how their lives has progressed and changed in the eighteen months since they’ve gotten together is a real treat. I admit that for an author it’s a bit of a risk but I can safely say Ms. Arthur has given her readers a book that’s just as well written and endearing as the first.

Adding children to a book is always a danger, even a kid as cute as Faith. There are just so many life adjustments and chances for misunderstandings and other problems. They can be difficult to write and still be believable, but that’s not a worry here. This talented author has handled the child and circumstances with taste and realism, so that the pace flows smoothly and the story never gets boring.  

Rey and Sam’s relationship and their problems are handled realistically, there is good imagery, lots of recurring characters along with a few new ones and the plot threads are wrapped up by the end of the epilogue. I’m hoping that at some point in the future we’ll learn more about Rey’s new partner, David. The guy deserves a book of his own.

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