Adam & Evil
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 1, 2006 - 11:11:00 AM

Julia Cameron is a well-known botanist. She's attempted having relationships with men but two ex-cheating boyfriends have her opting for becoming an old maid. She's even managed to run off every would-be suitor her father has attempted setting her up with - until now.

Samuel Adam may have been Julia's father's choice for a suitor for his daughter but he's definitely no yes-man. He's dominant and controlling. In Julia's opinion, he's just another drone like her father. Daddy's little princess is in for a rude awakening if she thinks all she has to do is snarl and he'll turn tail and run.

Julia is on an airplane with Samuel from San Jose to New York. She'd spent two days trying to avoid him or trying to run him off. Nothing was working so her only other option was to allow him to escort her to her father. Every single snide, petty comment she has thrown his way was met calmly, almost as if the insult doesn't even register in his mind. Samuel has thrown his own insulting comments right back at her. Obviously he's not afraid of her or her daddy. To Julia, Samuel is a threat, just another would be suitor wanting her money and her father's company, none of the men ever want her for just herself. Samuel is different and that's scary. While in the midst of tossing insults at one another, the plane's alarms start going off. They're going down. Julia begins to panic but Samuel remains calm which helps to quell her initial panic. Of course, that doesn't stop the plane from crashing in the ocean. Somehow they became separated from the other survivors and spent several days drifting, with sharks circling. Samuel is a man used to being in control of everything around him, since he met Julia nothing has been as it should be. Once they find land, he introduces Julia to the full power of his control and to her astonishment, she enjoys being under Samuel's control.

ADAM & EVIL is great fun to read. You can easily imagine Samuel and Julia's snide comments and the shocked look that would have been on her face when Samuel throws a few insults of his own right back at her. They're both used to being in control of everything around them so neither of them is willing to give in to the other person. While the plot is exciting and action packed, it's really the dialogue between the characters that I truly loved.

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