Addicted To Love
By Dottie
Nov 1, 2008 - 3:25:53 PM

Rachael Henderson has been working in a teaching position in
Houston, where she has been living since she graduated.  She grew up in Valentine, Texas, romance capital of the USA.  This town makes its living on making everyone believe in romance and happily ever after.  Her first crush was when she was seven when she gave Brody Carlton a valentine in front of his friends and he tore it up in front of everyone.  Her love life followed a similar pattern ever since than.  At her wedding, first her parents announce they are getting a divorce after twenty-seven years of marriage and then she is jilted at the altar for the second time.  Her two friends even passed the wedding veil down to her that was supposed to fulfill her deepest wishes.  They each used the veil and were deliriously happy with their marriages. However, Rachael, feeling no need for it, did not even bother to make her wish.

Brody Carlton lived next door to Rachael when they were growing up.  She followed him around until he moved to Midland with his mother and sister when his father went to Kuwait.  His father died and his mother, grief- stricken, died shortly thereafter.  While in college, he and his buddy were in the twin towers on an assignment on 9/11, Brody made it out, but his buddy died.  He quit college, joined the Army and his wife left him for someone else.  Brody, injured in battle, had to have his leg amputated.  Now he has a bionic leg, which he is getting so used to, sometimes he doesn’t even notice it.  However, he hasn’t been with a woman since he lost his leg.  When the Sheriff of Valentine took sick, Brody ran and won.


Frustrated with love and men in general, she runs from the scene of her last failed wedding to her hometown of Valentine, where she symbolically lets people know how she feels about love.  The town mascot is a pair of huge, garish, scarlet puckered-up-to-be-kissed lips in fiberglass.  So when Sheriff Brody drives by she is dangling forty feet in the air from the lips, painting them with black paint.  Within moments, the mayor, one of the descendants of the town, happens by, sees Rachael and presses charges, landing Rachael in jail.  Sentenced to a huge fine and public service, Rachael finds herself working closely to the sheriff.  After she loses her job in Houston due to her latest escapade, there is no reason to leave town, so she tries to help her parents.  However, she is falling for Brody again, but she does not trust judgment so since there is no twelve-step program for her problem, she creates one… Romanceaholics Anonymous.  Soon the town is divided in half, Rachael is right in the middle and she is still getting in deeper with Brody, who can’t keep his eyes off her.


Rompalicious!  Wickedly funny and deliciously hot, ADDICTED TO LOVE, the third book in the WEDDING VEIL WISHES series, is a wonderful romp through the fictional city of Valentine, Texas.  It takes hold of your attention from the very first page and doesn’t let go.  Filled with witty banter, outrageous characters and a hilarious plot, this tale is sure to have you laughing out loud.  For a great way to brighten your day, just pick up any book by Lori Wilde.  All I have to see is her name on the cover to assure me of an enjoyable read.  Do not miss ADDICTED TO LOVE.  I cannot wait to read the next book in the series. Though it can be read alone, I am sure readers will also enjoy the first two books in the series, ONCE SMITTEN, TWICE SHY and THERE GOES THE BRIDE.

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