Admit One
By Christina
Jun 27, 2010 - 12:22:54 AM

Tom Smith is a respected and beloved high school teacher in a small Texas town. He has worked very hard to create a “normal” life for himself and he will do anything to protect it. In order to maintain this life Tom has to hide the fact that he is gay from everyone around him. Tom only allows himself the occasional one night stand in Houston. He has to spend every day denying a vital part of who he is.


When Tom meets Kevin in a Houston bar he thinks the man will be just another random hook up. The next morning Kevin wants to take him out for breakfast but he refuses. He doesn’t think he will ever see Kevin again. However, when he runs into Kevin a few months later not only does he sleep with him but he agrees to dinner as well. Tom is shocked and terrified to find that he wants to spend more time with his new lover. The truth is he is tired of being alone but he forces himself to turn Kevin away yet again.


Tom returns to his life feeling miserable and alone. He hopes to immerse himself in his job but he is dismayed when he learns that the school will be putting on the musical RENT. To make matters worse he gets roped into being assistant director. Tom is terrified that his association with the play will somehow expose his secret. When Kevin miraculously walks back into his life Tom can’t deny his feelings any longer.

ADMIT ONE by Jenna Hilary Sinclair is a moving and extremely compelling contemporary romance. Once I got started I found it very difficult to put this book down. Tom is a captivating character for several reasons. He is a man who has spent years denying who he is and hiding the truth from everyone around him. I found it very easy to sympathize with him. His fear runs deep and it is evident that the reason for his actions lies somewhere in his past. I found myself greatly desiring to know what happened to him. Kevin is also an interesting character. I admired his refusal to give up on Tom. He is determined to give the growing relationship between them a chance. Their feelings are sweet and rang true for me.


The setting also plays an important role in the story. The author realistically and honestly describes the difficulties of putting on a play like RENT in a very conservative and closed minded town. I was charmed and intrigued by the students’ determination to persevere in the face of adversity. I found myself cheering them on to the very end.


ADMIT ONE is a touching and multi-layered novel that left me feeling very satisfied. I highly recommend this story.

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