Adopted Son

Author: Linda Warren

Publisher: Harlequin SuperRomance

Release Date: September 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: Print

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Arriving at a crime scene, Texas Ranger Jeremiah “Tuck” Tucker finds a toddler that has been neglected.   Once Tuck discovers Brady has no living family, he starts adoption proceedings.   When he is confronted by Grace Whitten, an attorney representing the family who also wants to adopt the little boy, Tuck is livid.   He has always taken his responsibilities seriously and he intends to provide the best possible home for the child, despite Grace’s misgivings about his ability to be a good parent to Brady.   He had the best examples to follow with his foster parents, and he intends to be a shining example to this child.

Grace is a community member and has been a thorn in Tuck’s side for some time.   Whenever they are together the sparks fly, though Tuck doesn’t suspect the reason why; Grace has been a little in love with him since her sister’s wedding to his half-brother.  When Grace bows out as the attorney for the adoption, Tuck finally begins to see the woman behind the tough lawyer exterior.   When Tuck begins to see the beautiful and loving woman he has always looked past, he begins an incredible journey to love and commitment with a family of his own.


ADOPTED SON is an emotional and heartwarming journey of love and family as only Linda Warren can pen so well.   What could be a typical “baby matchmaker” story is instead a one of home and family, of the remarkable people who help abandoned children every day.   Tuck is a remarkable hero; compassionate, caring, dedicated to protecting the innocent and upholding the law at all times.   The healthy relationship with his foster family and the outlook on life he carries today is one that is admirable and realistically presented.   Grace is a compassionate woman who only wants the best for young Brady, yet torn between her feelings for Tuck and her obligation to her clients.   The passion Tuck and Grace share is sensual without taking over the story in any way.   The chemistry is readily recognized, as is the genuine caring of each for the toddler.   Rich in detail and characters, author Linda Warren allows the reader to get a first-hand look at the neglect the child suffered, the glimpse into Tuck’s biological mother’s identity, and the wide range of emotions each character undergoes.   ADOPTED SON is a winner in this reader’s book.  

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Scarlet

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