City Heat, Book 3 - Adrianna's Undies
By Laurie
Nov 16, 2009 - 8:16:09 AM

Adrianna Kline is a woman very much in tune with her own sexuality. She’s also a driven businesswoman and enjoys the satisfaction of owning and operating a successful lingerie company. When former lover Tristan Locke threatens to take her business away and has the means to carry out that threat, she’s forced to spend one night with him, completely submitting to him in exchange for releasing her company from a corporate takeover. Used to being the one in charge, Adrianna reluctantly acknowledges how difficult it will be to give Tristan full control.  What she doesn’t anticipate are feelings for Tristan that are just as powerful as they were years before.

Tristan Locke knows it will be a battle of wills to get Adrianna to relinquish control to him in the bedroom, even to save her cherished company. He never forgot Adrianna and his feelings for her remain strong. Tristan doesn’t want to admit it, but his proposal is more of an effort to rekindle the flame that seemingly never died.  He has to prove to himself as much as to her that he’s strong enough to make her submit.


Adrianna and Tristan are both such strong characters that under anyone else’s pen they could easily have been irritating. Lacey Alexander has a way of making her heroines strong and capable while maintaining ultra femininity.  At the same time, her heroes are rogues of the best sort, knowingly able to satisfy a woman, but doing so without humiliating or coming across as overly arrogant.  Love scenes go far beyond being simply heated and are a match for even the most vivid of imaginations.  I feel confident in giving ADRIANNA’S UNDIES a high recommendation for readers who enjoy erotic romance.

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