Adventure Lover (Take Me, Lover, Book 3)
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 16, 2013 - 7:51:54 PM

As a travel agent Jill Martin knows it’s hard to sell vacation destinations if she can’t muster enthusiasm for them herself.  Luxury vacations are becoming a thing of the past and if Jill wants her business to be successful she has to move with the times, which is why she’s reinventing herself and subjecting herself to the new trendy ‘adventure travel’ niche.  For the next three days, along with a tour guide, she’ll endure an eighteen mile backpacking hike of the Olympic National Park High Divide loop.

Ryan Lowe isn’t too keen on spending three days leading Jill all over the mountain.  She’s too soft and too citified to last the sort of route she has mapped out – carrying all her gear no less.  Nope, Ryan figures she won’t last the day before she’s ready to tuck tail and run back to civilization.  What he doesn’t expect is for Jill to stubbornly persist in keeping up with him even though he purposely chose the most arduous route.  Ryan tries to pretend Jill doesn’t affect him, but reality is that his imagination is playing out vivid details of how satisfying sharing a tent could be with this spunky woman.


Jill’s mind is firmly focused on getting through the next three days so she can share her experience with clients who are interested in adventure travel.  Granted the guide is sexy as hell, but he’s surly and obviously doesn’t like her, but since she only has to be with him for three days she can overlook his disposition and focus on the naughty things she’d like to do to his body.  She hadn’t looked forward to the long hike or sustaining on granola bars and instant soup mix, but once she’s out in the wilderness she finds it peaceful and begins to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.  Not once did she imagine she’d fall in love – or be running for her life from geocachers.  Fortunately for her, Ryan recognizes her ‘geocachers’ for what they really are – drug runners.  Suddenly bears and rabid raccoons aren’t the only thing to worry about in the wilderness.  Looks like the city girl left the city only to run headlong into a crime scene in the middle of nowhere.


There’s a certain appeal to ‘getting away from it all’ and communing with nature.  With Charlene Teglia’s ADVENTURE LOVER you can easily visualize the experience without leaving the comfort of home – of course you don’t get the sexy guide, blistered feet, introspection or the feeling of accomplishment either.  The romance between Ryan and Jill isn’t ‘in your face’ it’s more of a casual encounter at first because they know they’ll be going their separate ways at the end of the three day period.  That doesn’t mean that they won’t get their happily-ever-after, just that they don’t expect one.  I really enjoyed the verbal interactions between Ryan and Jill and loved that she isn’t intimidated by him.  At the beginning of the story, they’re nothing more than acquaintances but through their shared experiences they become so much more.    


ADVENTURE LOVER is the third title in Ms. Teglia’s TAKE ME, LOVER series.  Each title can easily be read as a stand-alone story, but just in case you’re interested in checking out the other titles in this series, here they all are:






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