After All These Years
By Amanda Haffery
Feb 4, 2008 - 6:31:08 PM

While Marilyn is on the train heading to work, a man approaches her with the words, "You are a gift." Marilyn is dumbstruck and sure the guy is a wacko. However, the man, who calls himself William, knows her name and tells her he knew her dead husband who died due to a bombing during the war. Marilyn can do nothing else but listen to him. She needs to know about her husbands last moments. Did he ever talk about her? About their kids? About the love they shared for many years?

Marilyn feels like she's going crazy though. She feels a closeness to this man that she only ever felt with her late husband. Things seem so right between them. He seems familiar to her but she can't understand why. What starts as two people sharing stories about the man they have in common soon turns to friendship. Can there be anymore between them? Or are there too many secrets still being kept for trust to ever bring them together?


AFTER ALL THESE YEARS is dumbfounding. This is definitely a tear-jerker. Marilyn is such a sad woman—the death of her husband and the deteriorating lives of their children has almost broken her. Just when she's sure she can't take anymore, a man walks into her life turning her world even more upside down. "William" is who the man calls himself. He's a stranger intent on meeting Marilyn and bringing all her past feelings for her husband to the surface. He has his own secrets brimming to the surface though and the tale he's here to tell Marilyn is amazing! AFTER ALL THESE YEARS is not a story you'll want to miss reading this year. Full of everything from suspense, romance and emotional ups and downs, this is one of my favorite reads ever. Ms. Masters takes a break from her hard core erotic stories to bring us this wonderful tale of second chances.

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