After Hours

Author: Vicki Lewis Thompson

Publisher: Harlequin Blaze

Release Date: September 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Lawyer Eileen Connolly is a woman with a mission. Her current boyfriend is away on a business trip but when he returns he expects a "yes" to the question of whether or not she will move in with him. She is prepared to give him that "yes" and settle down to a monogamous relationship that she fully expects will lead to marriage. But, she has some a few things that she wants to accomplish before she commits herself to a life of boredom . . . um stability. She has gone white water rafting and skydiving but there is still a fantasy that she desperately wants to experience and she knows that it’s now or never. She wants to have sex with a total stranger. After ruling out several possibilities she is starting to think that this fantasy will go unfulfilled. Until she is working late one night and a man, wearing tight faded jeans and a tool-belt arrives to install the new telephone system for her office.

If Shane Nichols, owner of Mercury Communications, had known that taking a much needed break from handling paperwork and disgruntled customers would have led him straight to the woman of his dreams he would have taken a break sooner. He is shocked when she tells him of her fantasy and then invites him to be her stranger. He resists, thinking of the consequences of his actions, but in the end he is unable to resist the temptation. Then he discovers that he wants to be more than her fantasy stranger he wants to be her future. He only has a few days to convince her that HE is the right man for her. Since she seems to be into sexual fantasy he is going to use his time with her to fulfill as many fantasies as possible in hopes that she will see they could have a lifetime of fantasies together.

There is an added twist to this story because Shane doesn’t tell Eileen that he is the owner of the company that has gradually taken over his life to the point that it IS his life. He wants her to accept him for who she thinks he is, a lowly telephone installer. And that’s not the only stumbling block that Ms. Thompson throws at this sexy couple. Shane is positive that fate has led him straight to the one woman that he can spend the rest of his life with. But Eileen is convinced that she can’t have this much fun in a monogamous relationship. Can Shane convince her otherwise, or will she stay with her current boring . . . um stable boyfriend?

As usual, Ms. Vicki Lewis Thompson delivers a scorching story with a hero that we’d like to keep for ourselves, and a heroine that we’d all like to emulate. The sexual adventures that Shane and Eileen share are so hot they are off the thermometer. This book should have been released in January so that we could all save on our heating bills, because when you sit down to read this one it’s going to be all of the heat you can handle.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Missy Andrews

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