Author: Adrienne Kama

Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing

Release Date: November 16, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: E-Book

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Peyton Pendergrass is stranded. She knows the roads of Virginia like the back of her hand, but she has no idea where she is at the moment. Her car’s run out of gas, her cell phone isn’t working and to make matters worse, every shop in this little town seems to be closed.

Then she sees a movement inside the bookstore. A little man invites her inside to use the phone and to warm up. He surprises her with an offer she’s not sure whether or not to take. She’s also wondering whether or not he’s nuts. He knows her name and too much about her. She does have a can of pepper spray in her purse if it comes to that.


The little man offers to send her back in time to a certain day and relive the last few years. Of course Peyton thinks the man’s crazy. Actually, the whole setting is crazy. A sitting area with a fireplace and sitting area appeared out of nowhere. The little man insists that she sit down while he talks to her.


Peyton accepts his offer and is sent back to a time and place she’d not originally planned to be. Her best friend had invited her for the weekend without telling her that a certain man would be there, too. A man she’s not too eager to see again.


Christopher Grant and Peyton met at the wedding of their friends. It was lust at first sight and they spent a good amount of time after the wedding – most of it - in bed. When he discovered that he was falling in love with her he ran, unable to face the truth.


Chris accepted an invitation to spend the weekend with those friends. He’s been assured that Peyton will not be there. He needs some time away from the throngs of women constantly clamor for his attention. Maybe it’s because Chris is a hunky actor and most every woman’s dream man. Unfortunately, his dreams are filled with Peyton.


The two former lovers collide in a big way. What follows is a non-stop effort on his part to get her back in his life. She keeps insisting that she’s an engaged woman and is not at all interested in anything he has to say.


Adrienne Kama’s AGAIN is a story full of fun, loving and loads of action that will keep you alternately in stitches and wishing for your own hunk. The scene where they meet again is perfect. Peyton’s car seems to drop from the sky and land in the middle of a driveway. Chris can’t slow his vehicle and runs into her.


The banter back and forth between the two protagonists is perfect. He’s furious that she’s there but hops to win a place in her heart - permanently. He’ll stop at nothing, literally, to make that happen. She, of course, will bombard him with meaningless reasons as to why she doesn’t want him in her life again. Not true, of course. After all, she’s engaged.


Who’ll win? You do not want to miss this one.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Nickie Langdon

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