By Angel
May 1, 2006 - 1:42:00 PM

When Tyne goes to her sister?s wedding she never expects to meet the man of her dreams and she can?t help feeling like she?s known him before.  David Carvelli reminds her of someone and takes her back to a forbidden love in a different time.  For some reason she just can?t resist him, but will their relationship unveil a tortured past and a love that can survive even the test of time?

David can?t understand the strong emotions he feels for Tyne Jensen when he meets her at her sister?s wedding.  All of a sudden she is all he can think about.  He is having some very strange dreams of a different time and place, and of two people the world did not want together.  Can he figure out the pieces of the puzzle and finally have the love he and Tyne deserve?


AGAIN is not your typical contemporary novel, it also has some flashbacks of the past.  There is plenty of suspense and seduction to keep readers happy, but at the same time there is a love story older than time and as tragic as any Shakespearean play.  Tyne and David make a great couple and the sparks that fly between them are instantaneous and fiery. Love scenes almost light the pages on fire and the flames are so intense the heat is stifling.  This is the first book that I have read by Sharon Cullars, but I will certainly be on the lookout for more of her work in the future.

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