Against the Wild - Against series, book 10

Author: Kat Martin

Publisher: Zebra

Release Date: June 2014

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Dylan Brodie is an Alaskan native. He has bought an old hunting and fishing lodge to fix up for the coming season. Dylan has hired an interior decorator from Hollywood, who he is attracted to from their first meeting.

Lane Bishop has agreed to come to Alaska to help with the renovations of the lodge, against her better judgement. Lane has been attracted to Dylan from their first meeting and wants to get to know him better before she lets the spark grow between them.

Dylan knows he shouldn't have feelings for Lane but can't seem to stop them. From day one of meeting Lane, Dylan has wanted to get closer to her. Dylan's first wife left him and his daughter Emily to move closer to civilization. Emily has not spoken since her mother left three years before. Dylan grieves for his little girl but doesn't know how to reach her.

Lane  realizes it isn't a good idea to accept Dylan's offer but he keeps upping the amount until she accepts. Lane owns her business, Modern Design, and can't give up the chance to help in the renovations of a nineteen-thirties fishing lodge on the bay in the Inland Passage. She has always wanted to see Alaska so she takes the chance of being with Dylan daily to see where their attraction might lead. Lane lost her fiancĂ© Jason in a motorcycle wreck three years before and has been afraid to open her heart to another.

When Lane has a strange dream about ravens and cemeteries her first night, Dylan isn't pleased. There is an old tale about the lodge being haunted because of two murders that happened there two decades ago. Dylan doesn't believe in ghosts and wants that kind of talk stopped. But when they start hearing footsteps in the hall at night and Lane sees a ghostly apparition, she is determined to find out the true history of the place.

Then a young woman is found dead in the forest and it all points toward Dylan's partner Caleb. Caleb dated the woman in the past and she was stalking him again. Everything starts to fall apart and Dylan's construction crew quits working because of their Alaskan Indian beliefs. Dylan and Lane set out to find the killer to clear Caleb and in so doing, uncover another mystery that spells danger for Dylan and Lane.

Kat Martin's books are always spellbinding and you have to keep reading to find out how all the mysteries are solved. Will Dylan realize his true feelings and will Lane unlock her heart again? Will Emily ever speak again? Another spectacular book about the three Brodie brothers in a new trilogy in the AGAINST series. I am ready to get to know the other two Brodie brothers now.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Diana S

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