Ageless Desire
By Chrissy Dionne
Nov 1, 2009 - 8:49:13 PM

Kate’s libido is in overdrive and her overactive imagination is only making matters worse.  It just doesn’t feel right that after one incredibly erotic dream she’s suddenly salivating over her much younger co-worker Bryan.  To compound matters, she’s expected to accompany him to a computer software seminar at a hunting cabin – that means two whole nights alone with the man who’s starring in her fantasies.

Bryan Phillips may be twelve years younger than Kate but he firmly believes that age is just a number.  This seminar plays into his plans beautifully since he’s been longing to get Kate alone and show her exactly how he feels about her.  They’ve worked together for years but something has definitely changed between them and he’s not about to pass up the opportunity to explore this attraction – even if Kate’s doing everything in her power to try to deny it exists.


Just the thought of spending time alone with Bryan for several days is enough to send Kate into a panic.  However, if she thought controlling her knee jerk reactions to the man would be difficult they become impossible once they’re underway and Bryan decides to test the waters (so to speak) and reveals in explicit terms exactly how much he desires her.  Once they arrive at the lodge they discover that it’s booked solid and they’re sharing a room.  Kate is more than ready to throw an industrial size hissy fit but Bryan saves her from public humiliation.  Unfortunately Kate doesn’t appreciate his interference and her high handed manner earns her a set down from Bryan that stuns her into silence – especially his comment about a safe word and interesting toys.  Kate’s not sure how to handle this situation.  Bryan, however, has no qualms with taking advantage of Kate’s confusion and desire.


Tessie Bradford may be a relatively new author but she’s certainly captured my attention with this gem of a story.  Kate’s lack of self confidence and insecurity in the face of Bryan’s seduction is very sweet yet humorous.  In contrast, Bryan’s got a cockiness and sense of self that kept me eagerly anticipating what he’d do or say next.  AGELESS DESIRE is a sexually charged story with plenty of heart and surprise twists that are sure to keep the reader engrossed in the plot.  What I especially loved about this story is Bryan’s willingness to explore all Kate’s naughty fantasies - there’s just something about a man whose fondest desire is to please his woman.


Ms. Bradford’s next Ellora's Cave title, OASIS OF PLEASURE, a sci-fi, ménage releases on October 30th


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