Agent Provocateur: Secrets

Author: Sareeta Domingo, Jeff Hudson, Elizabeth K. Payne, Angelina Jackson, Brett Goldstein, Midge Lane, Lily Blackstone, Vita Rosen

Publisher: St. Martin's

Release Date: January 2, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5 Ribbons

Format: Print

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Revolving around the provocative idea of forbidden pleasures, the anthology SECRETS, released by the wickedly sexy lingerie company Agent Provocateur, is a collection of thrilling and delicious short stories from several authors. This edgy collection of erotica will definitely set the mood for all manner of naughtiness.

THE QUIET ONE by Sareeta Domingo


This is the story of a calculated and steamy seduction set in the subculture of restaurant workers. Chloe is the object of affection, a sexy and sensual chef. Ben doesn’t really know how to approach her, but Chloe isn’t letting him off the hook that easily. Ms. Domingo’s edgy writing of a cat—and—mouse game of seduction is sure to get your blood pressure on the rise. I especially liked the realistic edge of these characters, and their liberated sensuality.


LET THEM EAT CAKE by Jeff Hudson


A lovelorn office worker who works across the street from an Agent Provocateur lingerie shop becomes infatuated with one of the sexy shop girls. Angel is the siren who calls to him as he stays late every night, finishing paperwork. His fantasies take over one night, as Angel is changing the mannequins in the display window. This is an absolutely decadent tale of sexual fantasy. The frank writing in this one will get your blood boiling.


YOU SMELL OF CHOCOLATE by Elizabeth K. Payne


A divine master and servant tale, this story starts in blissful domesticity in the first paragraph, and quickly pulls the reader into a world of sexual domination and submission. Penny is the willing and beloved slave of her master, and when she breaks the rules she is deliciously punished. Told from the point of view of Penny, I enjoyed this quirky and sexy story, filled with spanking accoutrements and the like.


AFTER HOURS by Angelina Jackson


Probably my favorite of this anthology, AFTER HOURS is a multifaceted story of Sarah, an overworked woman struggling to keep her boyfriend from leaving her. After a fight over the phone one night, Dan, her coworker challenges her to call her boyfriend back—while Dan is seducing her. The brand of “phone sex” that Sarah and Dan engage in fires them up, until a mystery caller ups the ante. He can see the couple making love from another office building, and offers his own challenge and “direction” to the pair. This story is absolutely sinful and erotic, and despite being a short story, it packs some surprises. The author’s creativity and imagination really impress.


CINDERELLA by Elizabeth K. Payne


Getting ready for a big night out, Alma and Becky start their night innocently enough. But as they are going downstairs to leave, Becky trips and sprains her ankle. Alma quickly discovers that Becky was not impervious to her subtle touching while they dressed together earlier. Becky realizes that her friend is more than willing to school her in the art of lesbian encounters. The couple explores a lot of sexual territory in this story, and every bit of it is erotic as hell. CINDERELLA is adventurous, well-written and not a little surprising. The author’s words will have the reader running for a cold shower in no time.


IF ONLY FOR TONIGHT by Brett Goldstein


This story centers on two unnamed people meeting in a bar. After she pours out her heart to him about her unfulfilling life, she breaks the promise she has made to herself and accepts when he offers to come home with her. Once there, he shows her the passion that can be unleashed between two strangers, a seduction that is as tender as it is exciting. The sexual tension is well-framed in this story and the couple’s provocative encounter is beautifully written. I really liked the surprising ending to this story, and the fragile vulnerability of the woman. The realistic edge to this story and the twist in the ending makes it very endearing.


STUDIED by Midge Lane


Natasha is a lover scorned, and when she spots the ad for an artist’s model in Tuscany , she knows it is just the ticket to getting over her ex. Once there, she meets the aging artist Claudio, and glimpses a handsome young man masturbating in an olive grove. This excites her, voyeuristically watching a stranger. While she poses for Claudio, clad only in a blindfold, she imagines sexual encounters with the stranger and her arousal runs wild. Eventually she meets this mysterious man, who is Claudio’s mute son Giorgio. As she poses again for Claudio, she continues to fantasize about Giorgio when suddenly her imaginary fantasy becomes reality. This story was very creative and enormously sexy. It features another surprising ending, which punches up the erotic factor nicely. The beauty of the author’s writing and the romance of the setting adds an atmosphere that is decadent and rampantly erotic.


A TASTE OF HONEY by Lily Blackstone


An unusual story of forbidden love ala adultery, A TASTE OF HONEY centers on two literary scholars who are working together on an academic project. Through the course of the story, which is told in passages comprised of emails and journals, the two try to hide their desire for one another but haltingly begin an affair. The characters are well-drawn and the adultery aspect of the story adds the element of the forbidden that is common to all the stories in this anthology. While I found the format of emails and journal entries a bit jarring at first, the flowery language that seems innate to academics amused me greatly. This is an intricately written short story that shows the reader glimpses of a clandestine affair from an interesting point of view.




The favourite game begins with a woman with a penchant for bondage that she expresses through racy stiletto heels, and a male co-worker who seems to be all-business. When they go out later that night, their veiled references to bondage and S&M games indicates to each that they are a match for each other. Their encounter escalates and then takes an interesting turn when they each go their separate ways, only to make contact again by telephone later that night. The sparks really fly in this passionate and erotic tale of master and servant. I found it fascinating, intelligent and well-written.



This Agent Provocateur anthology of stories is a well-rounded and exciting collection. Of all the stories, my favorite, AFTER HOURS, I enjoyed because it is very much a typical fantasy that is really sexy, but then gets even more sexy with the addition of an unseen voyeur. This twist made the story fresh and even more exciting. I also enjoyed STUDIED for its setting and surprisingly different ending. I found the characters interesting and compelling, and thought this story was exceptionally erotic. I enjoyed this anthology most, overall, because of its wide variety of secret fantasies detailed. There is really something for every taste within these pages, be it S&M, domination, adultery, voyeurism and so forth. I found every story to be intelligent, sexy and explicit without being distasteful. Highly recommended for those whole like their erotica nice and naughty!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Maria Shaink

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