Ain't Love Grand

Author: Dana Taylor

Publisher: Echelon Press

Release Date: April 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Dana Taylor's AIN'T LOVE GRAND is an uplifting, wonderful love story. Persephone Jones is the local herbalist of
Mt. Olympus Natural Healing Center in Peeler, Oklahoma. She is emotionally scarred, after losing her beloved fiancé years earlier. She came home to heal, and hasn't left since, instead she lives in her mother's old Victorian house, defective plumbing and all. Her newest neighbor is high powered lawyer, Jason Brooks, a man who is way too wrong for her. Jason moved to Peeler to get away from life in Oklahoma City, to get over his divorce, and to help his twelve-year-old daughter, Valerie heal. He doesn't expect to meet someone like Persephone, nor does he expect to be so attracted to her. From the very beginning of the story, the sexual tension and camaraderie between Jason and Persephone is apparent, as Persephone quickly becomes friends with Valerie and Jason's mother, Ruth.

Persephone becomes involved with an anti-hog farm campaign that becomes the hot topic of Peeler, a town that is unfortunately dying out due to big businesses. She doesn't expect this issue to divide the town, but unfortunately she is wrong. As Persephone tries to find a happy medium in this great debate, she discovers some alarming information about Jason. Their blossoming relationship takes a nose dive, and it will take work, forgiveness, and trust to heal the breech.


AIN'T LOVE GRAND is a spectacular story of two very intriguing characters. Jason and Persephone are both strong-willed, but find strength and comfort in their love for each other. Strong secondary characters like Valerie, Mavis, Ruth, and the town folk of Peeler lend this story an old-fashioned charm. There is also a strong message involving having faith and God, and the courage and love that he instills in life. Dana Taylor's story is an uplifting, romantic adventure of small town life and love in Oklahoma.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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