Ain't Misbehaving
By pamelalynne
May 13, 2012 - 11:50:28 AM

Marla Jean Bandy is tired of spending all of her time indoors moping about what she did wrong in her marriage. The divorce has been final for six months and it is past time for her to move on. That is how Marla finds herself all dressed up and headed to the local bar. Her goal is to find a man for a night of pure unadulterated fun, a task that turns out to be not quite as easy as Marla has imagined. Things get really embarrassing when her brother's friend, Jake, catches her right in the middle of a heavy petting session with a known womanizer.

Jake told his buddy Linc that he would keep his sister out of trouble, and that is what he intends to do. The minute he sees Marla acting out of character, he steps in hoping to save her from certain disaster. Only problem is that it takes no time for Jake to see that he is going to have to do some strong resisting on his part as well. Who would have thought Marla would have become so irresistible?! Pretty soon, Jake is feeling the first stirrings of love for her. He hopes that Marla can see that she is the only woman for him.

Right from the start, AIN'T MISBEHAVING, grabbed my attention. It begins with a bang and goes out the same. Marla Jean is a laugh a minute. She comes across as a little meek in the beginning, but as the pages turn, we get to see more and more character growth. She is a woman whose first marriage failed miserably. She is ready to start small and just learn to enjoy life again. I very much enjoyed her story and hope to read more about the larger than life secondary characters.

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