Ain't She Sweet?
By Nadine St. Denis
Mar 1, 2005 - 2:37:00 AM

Ain't she sweet? Well, not exactly, and now Sugar Beth Carey is back. It's been fifteen years and no one has prayed more than her to never have to step foot back in Parrish, Mississippi. But apparently God isn't listening to Sugar Beth's prayers, because here she is, and she didn't come alone. She's brought her mangy cur of a dog, her empty wallet, ugly memories and her reputation for ruining people's lives. But no matter what it costs her pride, she is not leaving until she gets what she came for


Colin Byrne, now a famous novelist who fifteen years ago used to be a high school teacher and a wanna-be author, hasn't forgotten. He has a very long memory and his burning need for retribution against the exquisitely beautiful but lethal, Sugar Beth is about to come to hand. She once destroyed his career, now with the help from her old gang, the Seawillows, and especially her arch rival, Winnie Davis, who is the town's current reining queen, he is going to make sure the sassy, former princess of Parrish pays.



How the mighty has fallen, Sugar Beth mutters to herself as she gazes at the mansion that once belonged to her family. Now it is owned by that British pansy, Colin Byrne. The whole town will be laughing its collective ass off once word gets around that she's back and broke. She knows that she has to swallow her pride, steel her spine, and keep her big mouth shut. If anyone deserves scorn and derision, it's her, but still, she is human. And now, she's a desperate but changed woman, and this former town pariah is about to teach these folks a few lessons in forgiveness, humility, acceptance, and best of all, love. No one is more shocked than Sugar Beth herself, with the exception of the sarcastic and debonair Colin. Things are about to heat up in Parrish, who can take the flames and who can't?

AIN'T SHE SWEET? by the incredibly talented Susan Elizabeth Phillips is a true masterpiece of contemporary romance! It's outrageous, hilarious, eloquent and heartrending. These remarkable characters and the journey they take, will stay with you long after you read the last page. I feel this novel is absolutely the best she has written so far. It is really smashing! If you like entertaining verbal sparing, then you'll love this book! Everyone needs to read this novel and I am thrilled to give it a 5 Blue Ribbon rating!

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