Air Bound - Sisters of the Heart, Book 3
By raonaid
May 3, 2014 - 8:00:00 AM

Airiana Ridell is a love child to a Russian physicist and an attendee of Moscow’s Institute of Physics and Technology. She inherited both parents’ brilliant minds but she inherited her mother’s connection to the element of air. Airiana grew up in the US not knowing the truth of her mother’s prior life, ancestry, or her father, until men came to her farm in the cloak of fog to kidnap her. A billionaire involved in human trafficking and drugs wants her to complete a project she started as a teen.

Maxim Prakenskii is one of seven brothers born with unique supernatural gifts. His parents were murdered when he was a child, then he and his six brothers separated and trained individually by the Russian government to be killing machines, true operatives. As a favor to his older brother, he pretends to be a hired thug to Evans Shackler-Gratsos and bring him Airiana. In truth, he is there to protect her and deliver Airiana to her father.

Airiana is neither strong nor is she weak but somewhere in the middle. I find her to be a good balance without tipping the scale. She has her moments of weakness when faced by the ordeal she lands in but rises to the occasion when needed, snark in hand. My only complaint about her is that she was easy to cry at the silliest moments. That got a little stale and grated on my nerves.

From the first introduction of the Prakenskii family in the DRAKE SISTERS books, I had fallen madly in love with them, the entire seven sons of the seventh son with magical abilities. Maxim fits neatly in the curriculum the author set for this unique family. He is a dangerous man but flounders when faced with the one woman who can teach him about love and acceptance. Airiana, I felt, was a good fit for him. They really played off each other well. I enjoyed seeing Maxim come out of his shell. Their telepathic by plays had me laughing.

AIR BOUND is the third book in Christine Feehan’s SISTERS OF THE HEART series, a spin-off from her DRAKE SISTERS series. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the DRAKE SISTERS books and missed them. I really like how each heroine in both series has their unique quirks, skills and gifts setting them apart from everyone else. Christine Feehan brings back memorable characters from previous books. The Drake sisters may not have made actual appearances but their names did and two of their men did.

AIR BOUND is a homecoming, transporting fans of the DRAKE SISTERS and SISTER OF THE HEARTS back to a beloved place called Sea Haven. It gives hope that more of the Prakenskiis will be showing up in future books.

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