Airborne Emergency

Author: Olivia Gates

Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon

Release Date: January 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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American trauma surgeon Cassandra St. James just bought breakfast in the Madrid Airport.  She and the rest of the Global Aid Organization's Jet Hospital team landed a short time ago to pick up their mission leader.  From across the cafeteria, a pair of silver-gray eyes capture her attention, a sensual moment catapulting her into total awareness of her body-and the man on the other side of the room, who is walking toward her!

Cries interrupt the interlude, and she rushes across the cafeteria, acting on instinct, to find a small child who has been electrocuted.  The owner of the silver eyes administers CPR, and she assists.  After paramedics arrive, they shock the child back to life.  The rush of saving the injured boy ebbs as he is transported to the hospital and her CPR partner walks away.  Cassandra returns to her breakfast and thoughts of the three-month humanitarian mission she's signed on for.


After saving a toddler's life with the help of the glorious woman he's been watching, world-renowned plastic surgeon Vidal Santiago returns to the cafeteria.  The titian-haired beauty's still there.  Vidal's about to leave on a mission with the GAO, but he can't help spending a few minutes in her company to discover more about the beautiful stranger.


Is fate cruel or kind?  Vidal is Cassandra's new boss-and a man from her distant past.  Can they overcome the pain inflicted years ago to work together now?  What will come of the attraction sizzling between them as they work and live together for the next three months?

The third installment in Olivia Gates' Global Aid Organization series is perhaps her best work to date.  An adrenaline rush of romance and emergency medicine begins on page one and doesn't let up for the duration.  Ms. Gates set the highest of standards with her first two GAO books, and this one meets or exceeds the level she attained in DOCTORS ON THE FRONTLINE and EMERGENCY MARRIAGE.

Interesting casework is one of Ms. Gates' trademarks, and the medical details in AIRBORNE EMERGENCY fascinated me.  From the resuscitation in the airport to detailed cleft palate repairs (the main thrust of their humanitarian mission) to an emergency restoration of severed body parts, the variety of cases will intrigue the reader.  The author teaches about the procedures with an amazing transparency.  Fantastic!  Without the medical details, the surgeries performed would read like a trauma roster.


Vidal is an appealing hero.  He doesn't see himself as heroic, not in the least.  He's made himself over from a tragic past, with the help of Cassandra's father and the love of her family.  From there, he's gone forward to help others with philanthropic endeavors such as the Jet Hospital mission.  But he still sees himself as unworthy, trying to justify the love of the family he wishes were his own.


Cassandra has deep prejudices against Vidal, learned in her childhood.  What I most admired about her was her humility, her ability to recognize she's misjudged him, apologize, and move forward, getting to know him all over again.   


Blistering passion erupts between these doctors, as in the other GAO novels, and carries the reader on its sensual wave.  This is not gratuitous sex, however-deep emotion is characteristic of the love scenes.


Not to be missed, it's worth the extra shipping to order this book from UK booksellers!  I'm watching for the next two installments in the series!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Grace

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