All I Want - Animal Magnetism series, Book 7
By Dorine Linnen
Oct 8, 2015 - 12:11:00 PM

I love falling into a Jill Shalvis book - it's immediate gratification and I know I'm in for a good time. I laughed out-loud four times by the fifth chapter of ALL I WANT. If you thought Darcy was amusing in STILL THE ONE, then Zoe will entertain you with her own brand of being a challenge in ALL I WANT.

Zoe Stone decides it's time to start dating, so she puts out the call for blind dates and then panics when she gets one. She enlists her sister Darcy's help with what to wear, even though she doesn't listen to what Darcy says. These two sisters are hilarious together in this scene. Of course, Darcy suggests something outrageous to relax Zoe and when Zoe finally listens to her, she creates an embarrassing moment that will instigate a relationship Zoe didn't see coming.

Zoe's brother Wyatt asks her to rent his friend Parker James a room during his vacation because she has plenty of space in her family's old Victorian. A special agent with U.S. Fish and Wildlife, Parker can't seem to take a break from work. This forced rest demanded by his superior isn't something he can follow, even if it will cost him his job. Parker has an ulterior motive for staying in this area for this unwanted vacation. Will Zoe convince Parker that there's more fun to life than work?

Zoe and Parker are very entertaining as a couple, or when they're trying to not be a couple. This is such an easy book to read because these two characters are magic together.

Zoe is a professional pilot which is unusual and intriguing for a romance book heroine. Her ability to fly is key to the plot in this book so it's something the reader gets to experience. I loved the interactions at the hanger and the details on how Zoe prepared for a flight. It made her career easily believable. Zoe isn't as quirky as her sister Darcy, but she has her own brand of unusual that's endearing.

Parker is a good listener and doesn't really tell Zoe too much about himself at first. This adds a bit of mystery to his character and it's fun following along as he slowly reveals his true self to Zoe. Parker and Zoe heat up the pages with their sizzle. Parker pushes Zoe way outside her comfort zone and their journey is very sexy. There's some intense page time spent on their sexual escapades so be forewarned that this book is explicit.

Even though this is the seventh book in the ANIMAL MAGNETISM series, it's not necessary to read the previous six books to understand ALL I WANT. Sure, the ANIMAL MAGNETISM series is addictive once you get started, but don't let six novels keep you from being entertained by this one today.

I think Jill Shalvis could make reading the phone book funny. Her brand of wacky that she brings to commonplace, day-to-day activity is so outrageous and fun that I literally laugh-out-loud. There are very few authors who can make me laugh in a raucous way that startles anyone near me. I adore Jill Shalvis for her trademark humor. But there is so much more to her talent. She really nails it when it comes to characterization of not just people and children, but animals as well. The dog and kittens in this book add to the fun, especially in revealing Parker's true nature with some aww-worthy moments. I also love Ms. Shalvis' plots which are always different enough to hold my attention, but never so overwhelming that they overshadow the romance. It's that unique balance of humor, loveable characters, refined plotting and gratifying emotion that keeps me coming back for more.

I highly recommend ALL I WANT to anyone who loves a laugh-out-loud contemporary romance that's just as sexy as it is heartwarming. You can't go wrong with a book by Jill Shalvis unless you never pick one up.

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