All Wound Up
By Dottie
Aug 24, 2015 - 5:51:55 PM

Lying on the floor in a fetal position after his ex-girlfriend kneed him isn't the best way for Rivers baseball player Tucker to meet Aubry, who insists on examining him. They are at her parents' home, where a party is being held for the players. He knows his boss, Clyde Ross, owner of the St. Louis Rivers baseball team, has a daughter in medical school, but he has never met her...until tonight. He cannot deny his attraction to her. But, after his encounter with his ex-girlfriend, Tucker is finished with females. However, meeting Aubry again in the E.R. after his leg gets clipped by one of the opposing player's cleats; he asks her out, to no avail.

Dr. Aubry Ross is in the midst of her residency and therefore, she is too busy to date. She was previously involved in two long term relationships that didn't go anywhere and she isn't ready to try again, especially with one of the players on her dad's team. She has been around the baseball players her whole life and knows about their testosterone driven lifestyles and she wants no part of it, even if she is attracted to Tucker. Besides, her father insists that she has no time to date since she must keep her nose to the grindstone and complete her residency.

As Tucker lands in Aubry's E.R. time after time, she begins to think he is ending up there on see her. Finally, she gives in to a date with him and things quickly heat up. But with her father, Tucker's boss, opposing the romance, will Tucker be forced to choose between his career and the lady he loves?

Hot, hot, hot! ALL WOUND UP, the tenth book in author Jaci Burton's PLAY-BY-PLAY series, is a sensual contemporary romance. I enjoyed both characters. Tucker sees what he wants and is persistent in going after it. However, Aubry is torn between her attraction to Tucker and her need to put her career first and keep her nose to the grindstone. But once they start dating, the chemistry between them proves to be explosive and Aubry finds herself doing things she never dreamt she would do. I enjoyed their story immensely.

This is the first Jaci Burton book for me, so I can attest that, even though it is the tenth book in the series, it can be read as a standalone. However, it did stir my interest in reading the previous books. I was quickly drawn into the story and delighted in finding another talented author to add to my must read list. But don't take my word for it; pick up a copy of ALL WOUND UP today and find out for yourself!

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