All About Jenny
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 2, 2011 - 7:27:00 PM

Mark gave up his own life in the city, including his lover, to raise his niece in a small town and while he’s never regretted his decision he has to admit that it is a lonely existence.  He focuses on raising Jenny and work – and fending off Lois Delaney’s not so subtle sexual advances.  Jenny’s mother, Audrey, loves her but she’s just not the ‘nurturing type’ and Mark was perfectly happy to step into the role of loving parent. 


When Audrey’s killed in an avalanche while skiing the French Alps Mark’s understandably upset but Audrey had signed over legal guardianship of Jenny to him years ago and she’d never admitted to who Jenny’s father was so he’s not overly concerned about losing Jenny.    The last thing he expects is to learn that his sister left instructions for Jenny’s biological father to be contacted.


While Mark knows that he is legally Jenny’s guardian there’s still a fear that her biological father will decide to fight him for custody.  However, Cole Waters turns out to be completely different than Mark expects. Cole isn’t interested in taking Jenny away from Mark.  In fact, he’s grateful that Mark has provided a loving home for her.  He just wants the opportunity to get to know Jenny.  What neither man realizes is that they are perfect for each other but even their mutual attraction may not be enough to overcome the fear and uncertainty they feel.


D.J. Manly’s ALL ABOUT JENNY is a heart touching romance that brings a smile to your heart.  Mark’s love for Jenny is very sweet and I love how she’s a ‘normal’ pre-teen with all the typical drama associated with that age.  Even her attitude is true to life and made me chuckle because Mark’s so clueless on how to deal with her mood swings.   Jenny takes right to Cole which understandably causes some jealousy issues for Mark but it’s obvious to the reader that he’s simply trying to get to know his daughter better.  The romance between Cole and Mark is sweet yet hot – and reminiscent of what any single parent would experience when dating.   I really enjoy how Mark and Cole obviously are very much in love yet always put Jenny’s needs first.  ALL ABOUT JENNY is a beautiful story full of characters and situations that not only touch you emotionally but it also gives you great insight into the type of prejudice that gay people raising children often experience.


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