Holiday Kisses: All Boxed Up
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 1, 2009 - 1:42:52 PM

Aimee Small is the proud owner of a year round Christmas shop aptly named The Jolly Santa.  She’s a lovely shy young woman whose romantic life could use a little pick me up.  Her wild cousins have taken matters into their own hands and done their part in making sure Aimee’s Christmas wish comes true – only their convoluted attempts at matchmaking leave much to be desired.

Joseph Christopher has had the hots for Aimee since he first met her.  In fact he has more Christmas decorations and supplies than any straight single man should possess simply because he wanted to be near her and that requires spending a lot of time in her Christmas shop.  His fondest wish is to have Aimee notice him as a desirable male but so far she hasn’t shown much interest in him.


Aimee’s shocked when she wakes up nearly naked in a box – from her own shop, no less – and trussed up in bows after a pleasant evening with her cousins.  Obviously they drugged her in order for her to find herself in such a precarious situation and just where is it that they’ve left her?  It’s not until she hears someone enter the house and begin reading the card left with ‘the gift’ that she realizes that the recipient is none of than Joseph – a man she’s been crushing on for the past five years.  Humiliated beyond belief and saddened that he’d be witness to her sorry situation Aimee simply wants him to release her so she can preserve what little dignity she still has but Joseph has other ideas. 


Joseph, a self proclaimed nerd isn’t one to reject a gift of such proportions and he’s been wanting Aimee far too long to simply release her and let her go about her way.  He’s aware that Aimee’s uncomfortable with her full figure but to him she’s a beautiful desirable woman and he adores every single one of her curves.  Besides, she can’t go anywhere until he undoes her ribbons and he’s not inclined to do so yet.   Joseph and Aimee both have esteem issues – Aimee because of her weight and Joseph because he’s a geek and doesn’t believe she could ever truly want him.  They’re both in for a heck of a Christmas surprise and a night to remember.


ALL BOXED UP by Anne Douglas is a quick read full of plenty of emotional turmoil and red hot passion.  Aimee and Joseph are warm hearted friendly characters who deserve a little happiness and love in their lives and while the situation that brings them together is unorthodox it’s definitely an experience they won’t forget.   What I found particularly endearing about this whole story is the honest insecurity that both the main characters display.  While the Christmas ‘gift’ turns out well for Aimee and Joseph I’m afraid I’d still have to ‘pay back’ the cousins Candy and Petunia so I’m hopeful that we’ll see another story with these characters getting their comeuppance.


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