All For A Dead Man's Leg

Author: R. Ann Siracusa

Publisher: Sapphire Blue Publishing

Release Date: March 22, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: ebook

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What a wonderful book! ALL FOR A DEAD MAN’S LEG by R. Ann Siracusa is one of the funnier romance novels I have read in a long time.  I can really identify myself with Harriet Ruby, the heroine of this novel, and her knack for getting into awkward situations.  Harriet is a tour director on her first solo international tour. While directing her tour, one of her travelers, Archie Philpot, mysteriously dies.  She later finds out that her dead tourist is actually a suspect in an international smuggling ring scam.  In the novel, Harriet relates her tale of trying to export the tourist’s body out of Morocco without drawing attention. Along the way, she receives help from William Talbot, a former military personal and now international spy. Together they will not only solve the case, but also fall for each other.  

ALL FOR A DEAD MAN’S LEG is the first novel I have read by R. Ann Siracusa, and now I am a fan.  Siracusa has a vast comedic feel in this novel.  She has done a great job writing Harriet and makes you feel like you are having lunch with a friend who is recapping an adventure she just had on her latest trip.  Harriet is a very believable character and I believe that every person can relate to her on some level. Will is definitely every woman’s idea of tall, dark, and handsome.  The two of them together make an unlikely pair, which is what makes the book so hilarious.  This book was a quick read and very enjoyable.  I can only hope that the rest of the books in the serieswill be the same. 

ALL FOR A DEAD MAN’S LEG is action packed and a must read for people who enjoy to travel, laugh, and a good romance. The chemistry between Harriet and Will is definitely steamy, but quite funny at the same time. Even thought Harriet is a tour director, she soon discovers that she also has a knack for being a spy.  This book will definitely leave the reader guessing about what awkward situations Harriet will get herself into next!


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Leslie Larsen

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