All He Wants for Christmas (Kismet, Michigan #4)

Author: Lisa Plumley

Publisher: Zebra Books

Release Date: October 7, 2014

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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ALL HE WANTS FOR CHRISTMAS is a Christmas romance that is setting the mood for the holidays a little early for me this year. While Jason isn't a big fan of Christmas and Danielle has always been too busy to partake of some of the Christmas activities and festivals that's all about to change. Seeing Christmas through their eyes as well as through the eyes of her three kids was heartwarming.

Plumley's ALL HE WANTS FOR CHRISTMAS is the fourth book in the KISMET, MICHIGAN SERIES and made me feel welcome from the first page to the last even though I've never been there before. There's a small town feel throughout with neighbors knowing neighbors, a Main Street with lots of shops, Christmas festivals, a town green, Christmas music and so much more. Mr. Moosby, the original owner of Moosby's Toy Stores seems quite the character and he and Jason have a history together which is slowly revealed to us. Chip, the elected chairman of the board, rubbed me the wrong way from the beginning. Danielle and Jason have chemistry the minute he hits town to do damage control to his image and it just gets better and better throughout even if Danielle is the manager of the Moosby store in Kismet. Throw in her coworkers, her three children, her ex and his new wife and some of her friends and there's a lot going on and a lot to look forward to. There is family, friends, kids, traditions, lots and lots of secrets, sadness, anger, happiness, tears, laughter, romance and ultimately love. Danielle lets her inhibitions go and almost seems like someone else at times while bad boy Jason becomes enamored of Kismet and all things involving Danielle - work, her kids, her dreams, etc. There is a little bit of steaminess throughout that is surprising at times. There is wonderful closure and the scene seems to be set for the next book in the series and I hope I'm right! At the back of the book are several recipes for different flavored Whoopie Pies that were featured in the story. Might have to give some a try since they sound yummy!

Plumley is a new to me author and her books have been added to my TBR pile. I look forward to reading the first three book in the KISMET series as well as her other romances.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jo

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