All He Wants
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 12, 2013 - 9:04:04 PM

U.S. Marine Captain Keith Moss has been attracted to his best friend’s little sister Telly for as long as he can remember.  Since learning of her pregnancy he’s become obsessed and wants nothing more than to mark her –and the baby - as his.  Now that he’s home for the holidays he intends to take every opportunity to show her that his need for her is about far more than slacking his lust. 

Telly may be hugely pregnant but that doesn’t stop the waves of lust coursing through her system at the sight of Keith after his seven month stint in Mongolia.  The baby’s father isn’t in the picture and there’s good reason for that.  Despite her brother’s efforts to get Trevor to take responsibility for the baby; Telly wants absolutely nothing to do with the man.  Her sexual interest lies in Keith but she knows he can’t possibly feel the same way about her as she does him.


Keith’s been fantasizing about Telly’s pregnant body since he learned of her conditioned and convinced her to send pictures of her changing body.  Pregnant women have never excited him before but now the thought of that rounded belly and fuller breasts sends vital parts of his anatomy into overdrive.  From Telly’s reaction to him, she’s not immune to his charms and desires him as well, but is it just due to pregnancy hormones boosting her sex drive?  Keith’s a tactical man and he’s going to use every tool at his disposal to show Telly exactly how much she and the baby mean to him.  It doesn’t matter that he’s not the biological father, he’s staking his claim – now all he has to do is convince Telly that he’s serious and doesn’t see her as a charity case.


Pregnancy doesn’t mean your sex life is over; in fact, it can greatly increase your sex drive – at least until the baby’s arrival anyway.  Emily Ryan-Davis’s ALL HE WANTS focuses on Keith’s obsession with Telly’s pregnancy.  Not just his physical reaction but the emotional one as well.  He views the changes in her body as beautiful and seems to have a sense of awe about the whole process.  I loved that it doesn’t faze him that he’s not the baby’s biological father, the baby’s father isn’t in the picture so that makes it perfectly acceptable for him to claim Telly and the baby as his.  From some of the wording early on in the story I had a feeling there was something ‘off’ about Telly’s pregnancy but figured the relationship just went sour and they went their separate ways – I couldn’t have been more wrong.  ALL HE WANTS is a kinky romance that might not appeal to some readers – but if you think a woman’s pregnant, lactating body is sexy and desirable then this might just be the story for you.


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