All I Have (Farmer's Market #1) (Contemporary Romance Box Set Volume 2, Book 2)
By Jo
Jul 15, 2014 - 6:02:19 PM

ALL I HAVE is the first book in the FARMER'S MARKET SERIES and held my interest throughout even with the dialogue so much about farms and crops plus all the work entailed in keeping them running and viable. The farmer's market that took place weekly was a hoot with all the Battle of the Sexes competitions.

Helm's ALL I HAVE (FARMER'S MARKET, BOOK 1) was playful in its storyline.  There was a lot of laughter but also tears, hurt, worry, supportive and unsupportive family members, friends, gossiping townspeople, reminisces, hope, romance and love. Mia and Dell (didn't like the name - kept thinking of the childhood song, The Farmer in the Dell) were an unlikely pairing but each brought out the best in the other and they did have chemistry.  Mia had support from her dad - as long as she did things the way he wanted - as well as her sisters, Cara and Anna.  Her mom seemed to be nervous throughout and often flighty.  Dell had no support since he was always thought to be the dumb one of the family especially since he has a successful brother, Charlie, who chose not to stay on the farm. Dell had to fight to let his family know how important the family farm was to him so he could live off the land of his ancestors once he purchased it from his dad even though his got a degree in agriculture in college.  The interactions between the characters were often funny but often times just touching and the characters were multifaceted. For the most part what you see is NOT what you get but I felt I knew them well by the end of the book.  There was a happily ever after and some closure thanks to the epilogue and I hope book two in the series picks up where this one leaves off and gives me the closure I'm looking for! 

Holm is a new to me contemporary romance author and I look forward to reading book two in the series, ALL I AM, which comes out later this year.  I also hope to read her many other books sometime in the future so they will be added to my always growing TBR pile.  Currently this book is one of four in the Contemporary Romance Box Set Volume 2.  Ninety days from when this set was first published, the box will be "broken" into four separate books, each one priced at $3.99.  The other books in the set are: MAID TO CRAVE by Rebecca Avery, which I've already read, THE LAST FIRST DATE by Maggie Wells and LIGHT MY FIRE by Kristina Knight.  I can't wait to read the last two in this collection!

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