All I Want For Christmas

Author: Shelby Morgen

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

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Candy Nelson is spending Christmas, which is also her birthday, half way around the world in Singapore.  Everyone else had families or loved ones to spend Christmas with and since Candy pretty much has no one, she is flying from New York to get the contract signed for her company.  But before she gets down to work, she is going to go to the auction house and buy that china doll that she has been longing for on the Internet.  The cab driver takes her to an auction house bad section of town, but her desire to posses that doll doesn’t stop Candy from going into the uninviting looking auction house.  Inside, to Candy’s surprise, she doesn’t find the doll being auctioned, but actual human beings.  She knows she needs to leave, but her gaze is locked of a very attractive man fixing to be sold.  The look in his eyes pleads her to help him.  Candy ends up bidding and winning the very sexy man.  Now that she has him, what is she going to do with him?

Brooke is undercover, trying to break up a black market slave-trading ring.  But after smuggling out the much need information to break things up, he finds himself stuck inside with no way out.  That was until the attractive woman accidentally bought him.  After realizing she has no clue what she has done, he decides to play along as her escort until he can figure out what to do and where his contact is. 

Can Candy have an affair with this man without involving her heart?  What is she going to do when she finds out who Brooke really is?  Will Brooke find himself falling in love with the woman who bought him?

Talk about a sexy Christmas story to set a sizzle to your summer.  Wow, this story really made me feel for the characters.  Candy, who constantly felt she was lacking as a woman, makes you look inward at how you feel other people look at you.  And Brooke, well can you really trust a man who is a slave?  The story definitely had plenty of twists to it that had me turning the pages until I was done. 

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Bea Sigman

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