All I Want for Christmas is a Cowboy
By Dottie
Dec 22, 2013 - 8:00:00 AM


Sandy Thalberg does not allow anything to interfere with her family’s celebration of Christmas. Each year on Christmas Eve, Sandy recites the story about the historic, old cabin in the woods on the Silver Creek Ranch, where she lives, and its role in meeting her husband, Doug, one Christmas. This year, she has promised to let reporter Jessica Fitzjames of the Valentine Gazette to sit in on the telling, so she can write an article about the cabin.

A few years before Christmas many years ago, both Sandy and Doug are each led to the same cabin. Both are nearly frozen and Sandy is accompanied by her five-year-old son Noah. His father left them the previous year right after Thanksgiving. They had to give up their house and were forced to move into an apartment over her sister’s garage. Sandy is determined to make this Christmas memorable for her son. But they become lost while out looking for the perfect Christmas tree. A mysterious man points them to the cabin. Snowed in together, Sandy, Doug and Nate discover a Christmas they will never forget.

This delightful holiday story, written by gifted author Emma Cane, is sure to touch your heart. I was intrigued by the mystery man, who appears before both Sandy and her husband and leads them individually to the same cabin. Afterwards, neither one ever sees him again. Sandy and Doug quickly turn the magic of that Christmas into a family tradition that never fails to bring tears to the faces of their family each time she recites it.

CAN’T WAIT by Jennifer Ryan

Summer Turner would like to get up close and personal with her brother Jack’s best friend, Caleb, but he seems to just see through her. Still, at times, she seems to catch a glimpse of interest in the recently discharged soldier’s eyes. Neither of the two men will speak about their experiences in Iraq. They are so rigid and she does everything she can think of to make them relax and rejoin the world of the living.

Over the past few months Caleb’s friendship with Summer changes into a fun flirtation and he would like to take it further. She brings light into his dark world, but he cannot break that best-bro code. You do not date your best friend’s sister. Not only is Jack his boss, he also saved his life. Will Caleb give Summer her greatest wish for Christmas? Can Summer convince Caleb they belong together?

This wonderful story, penned by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Ryan, will touch your heart. The love between Caleb and Summer is tangible, nearly leaping off the page as he struggles to avoid her while she will do whatever it takes to gain his notice and a future together. This is a delectable tale you won’t want to miss!


At thirty-one, Alana Hale has gone through a long line of losers. Making a list of the qualities she desires in a man Alana turns to the internet. Within a matter of days pairs her up with Clint McCormick, who is considered to be her ideal mate. When he asks her to spend the holidays at his family’s ranch, she, at first, turns him down. But, listening to her best friend, Alana makes a spontaneous trip to New Mexico to meet him, only to wind up stranded in the middle of a snowstorm in a ditch.

Alana is nearly frozen and desperate to find help when a hunky rodeo cowboy, a known womanizer, comes to her rescue. Snowed in and forced to spend the night at his cabin, will she succumb to his charms or hold out for her ideal man?

Talented author Katie Lane’s latest novella is hilarious and it has a cunning twist that I absolutely loved. I could even imagine Alana trudging through the snow, leading a half frozen calf she nicknamed Bambi. This is one story I hated to see end.

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A COWBOY is a contemporary, holiday anthology that I found absolutely charming. There was not a disappointing story in the book. These delicious tales are sure to uplift spirits, touch hearts, lighten moods and bring the spirit of Christmas to life.  As I read, I was introduced to authors I have never read before and I look forward to reading more of their work.

Christmas magic, hot cowboys, snowstorms, proposals, traditions, family dynamics, passion, humor, romance and true love combine to give readers stories they will cherish. These uplifting short stories are a joy to read during the holidays and all year long. Take my advice and pick up a copy of your own!

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