All My Dreams
By Pamela Denise
Sep 1, 2009 - 5:46:56 PM

In the past three years, Loryn Sandoval has had to endure the bitterness of losing her family; first her husband to cancer, then not even a year later, her daughter in a fatal accident.  She runs from life instead, going through the necessary motions from day to day.  Loryn relocates to Majorca, a small town nestled in the Mediterranean.  Now she spends her time working on her farm, intent on making it run successfully, and refurbishing her centuries-old home to cope with her grief.

Derek Carlysle is in the Majorca area for a movie shoot when he stumbles upon Loryn’s house while trying to find directions to the coast.  The house happens to be perfect for a location in the film.  In exchange for use of the house, the crew will complete the renovations, footing the bill.  Derek is immediately taken in with Loryn, enjoying being treated as a normal person instead of a celebrity.


When Loryn has to house Derek for the remainder of the film shoot due to a hotel mix up, she can’t keep her attraction for the attentive houseguest at bay.  Derek is quite taken with Loryn as well, seeing her as someone with whom he’d like to build a relationship.  However, he knows Loryn is still mourning her family, and he is tentative about pursuing her.  Loryn can’t deny the way Derek has brought life back into her world, but can she find strength to begin again?


ALL MY DREAMS is a touching and heartfelt romance with an air of old world charm.  Although there is chemistry from the beginning, the hero spends adequate time winning over the heroine.  It is a story that tells of healing and reawakening to experience life again.  Jennifer Mueller describes the scenery beautifully.  I could close my eyes and picture it all, almost taking in the scents of the Mediterranean.  You’ll love this luscious read on second chances in unlikely places.

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