All Night Video: For Research Purposes Only
By Tracy Marsac
Aug 5, 2004 - 1:23:00 PM

Jack "Big John" Foster is a very successful director of x-rated films.  This fulfilled him in the past but now is weighing heavily on him.  Jack is tired of the phony, brainless women throwing themselves at him in the hopes of starring in his next film.  Not only that but he pours his creativity and talent into a field where he doubts the audience appreciates how great the lighting is or how the camera angles are perfect.  He's promoting his latest film at All Night Video when he meets Daphne Littlewood.  The blushing beauty grabs his attention and holds it with her charm and innocence.  She has no clue who he is and Jack loves that fact that he can take her at face value, no hidden agenda in sight.  After approaching her he finds out she's ventured into All Night Video looking for research material on her thesis.  Jack eagerly volunteers to educate her on the subject of adult videos and intends to be a very, very good teacher.

Daphne is writing a paper on the revolution of sex and how different forms of media have affected the outlook of sexuality.  As a librarian, she has exhausted all the useful information to be found in literature and so she decides to look into what videos have to offer.  Daphne meets Jack while she's trying not to look like a duck out of water but can't help but turn red at the variety of toys and material around her.  She's delighted by his knowledge and intelligent input on her thesis and is further taken aback by how uninhibited she becomes in his presence and at his slightest touch.

Jack rediscovers a part of himself he thought buried under the rawness and cynicism of the business.  Falling for Daphne has only reinforced Jack's decision to leave Big John Productions.  Now all he has to do is tell Daphne the truth...

I absolutely loved everything about this story but especially enjoyed Daphne's reaction to Jack's secret and how she confronted the man she loved and listened to what he had to say.  I would highly recommend FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY for anyone craving great erotic romance!  It's guaranteed when the author is Sahara Kelly!

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